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Zomato Hacked, 17 Million User Records Stolen

“Zomato on Thursday admitted to a major security breach, where around 17 million user records – out of the company’s 120 million users – were stolen from its database. According to the company, usernames and hashed passwords were stolen by the attackers – the fact that the passwords were encrypted means that they will be harder to access, but such troves of data do eventually get cracked, so a sensible move would be to change your Zomato password right away, and also to change it on any site where you use the same passwords. At the same time, we must also remind our users that using the same passwords across multiple sites is a really bad idea, so if you’re doing that anywhere, please change your passwords, and get a password manager.” —NDTV

In the meantime below was the response from Zomato’s CTO on Twitter:

Zomato twitter response

Below were the response from Twitter users:


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