How government policy to stop extra discount can impact online buyers

Government in favour of bbanning extra discount on online shopping website

Customer service, which is one of the most ignored part on online shopping companies, is now ready to change the game of the e-commerce market with the change in government policy.

As per recent update by the regulatory body ” To tighten loopholes around sellers and brands, the draft policy has suggested that discount curbs will not be limited only to the marketplace, such as Amazon and Flipkart, but would extend to group companies. The government suspects that many of the sellers on these platforms have indirect shareholding from the marketplace operators. Further, the the deep discounts would include checks on differential price for the same product sold offline and online.” as quoted by TOI

Price was one of the most important factor for the buyers while shopping online, but with the suggested changes by the government there will not be any difference in the product price sold online and offline.The draft has also suggested to introduce a pre-set timeframe for offering differential pricing or deep discounts by e-commerce players to customers.

Now customer service is going to play crucial role in success and failure of the e-commerce platform.

As of now return and refund policy on various e-commerce platform does not have consistency or basic minimum requirement and are created mostly to suit the seller even after offering No question asked return/refund policy.

Customer mostly feel helpless when they face any problem and due to which they are loosing trust on the online shopping platform.


With implementation of new policy Independent e-commerce regulator will deal with consumer complaints. Which means there is somebody sitting and watching those e-commerce companies and ensuring that customer interest is safeguarded.

Online shopping companies are trying to differentiate themselves by exclusive product launch/ availability, but factors like return refund policy, User experience, convenience to reach out in case of any query, Payment options etc.. will help in the long run, unlike the price.

Many a times customers are also at fault and they fail to accept their mistakes but this situation can also arise when online shopping websites fail to express them terms and conditions. As of now most for most of the online shoppers price is the differentiating factor when they are opting to shop online, but this not true in all the scenarios as sales from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities also contribute to their growth. Buyers from small town and cities might not have access to all the brands in physical stores but the online shopping websites helps them to access whether it is fashion products, electronics gadgets or books.



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