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Track your Jio phone booking status Offline and Online

You can track your Jio phone booking online and offline. In their latest communication they have mentioned that phone will be delivered in September.

The company has provided customers with two options to check Jio Phone booking status, to help them find out when they will get the delivery.

Check your Jio phone booking status Online

  1. Install MyJio App on your phone.
  2. Open the MyJio app and tap on the Manage Booking option
  3. Enter your registered phone number and OTP, you will see the My Vouchers page on the screen
  4. At the moment the Status field is blank, but once deliveries commence, it should show the delivery date, and store from which the phone can be picked up.

 Check your Jio phone booking status Offline

  1. After booking your Jio phone , you would have received a SMS from the company with a transaction ID, and the number of vouchers (units) registered against your phone number.
  2. If you want to check your booking status or delivery date call on 18008908900, which is Reliance Jio customer care number, from the number on which you have received the SMS, and follow the IVR instructions.
  3. For now, the IVR just says “You will soon receive an SMS with details of your voucher
  4. You will also receive an SMS that does not mention the delivery date, and only has “Null” against the store details


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