How to avail Flipkart Cash on delivery option

Flipkart offers multiple payment methods. Multiple payment methods can be used to pay for the items purchased on the Flipkart website.

Payment options available at Flipkart are Internet Banking, Gift Card, Cash on Delivery, and Wallet to make your purchase.

Flipkart accepts payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express credit/debit cards in India and 21 other countries.

If you are not comfortable making an online payment on, you can opt for the Cash on Delivery (C-o-D) payment method instead. With C-o-D you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

The maximum order value for a Cash on Delivery (C-o-D) payment is ₹50,000.

It is strictly a cash-only payment method. Gift Cards or store credit cannot be used for C-o-D orders. Foreign currency cannot be used to make a C-o-D payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.

How to place Flipkart Cash on delivery orders 

All items that have the “Cash on Delivery Available” icon are valid for order by Cash on Delivery.

Add the item(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout. When prompted to choose a payment option, select “Pay By Cash on Delivery”. Enter the CAPTCHA text as shown, for validation.

Once verified and confirmed, your order will be processed for shipment in the time specified, from the date of confirmation. You will be required to make a cash-only payment to the delivery person at the time of delivery of your order to complete the payment.

Know Flipkart return policy in detail

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How to file Complaint Against Flipkart

Flipkart is a reputed online shopping company. But sometimes we as buyers get stuck with the wrong product and there is no one to listen to us. Either the product we have received is faulty or is not as per our expectations. But like other online shopping websites, Flipkart also has a list of product which can be returned and which can not be returned/Exchanged.

Let us Look Flipkart Return and Exchange policy at a glance :

  1. There is a list of product which you can return and which you can not. Click to know about them.
  2. There is a return and exchange duration of the product it means after that duration you can not return and exchange them.
  3. After return, not every product can be exchanged so the only option is you will get a refund of the product.
  4. If your product is eligible for return or exchange then it should fulfill certain criteria like; a product which has been delivered by Flipkart should be Correct, Complete, Unused, and undamaged.
  5. In case of returns where you would like item(s) to be picked up from a different address, the address can only be changed if pick-up service is available at the new address

Keeping above things in mind if you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Flipkart customer care then what are the possible options where you can file complaint against Flipkart?

How to file a complaint against Flipkart

  • First, try to get a resolution from the Customer care so call on Flipkart Customer care 1800 208 9898. Explain to them your query. And try to escalate the issue if you are not happy with the resolution.

  • You can reach out to their social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook with the order ID and raise your concern. Don’t forget to tag Flipkart on Twitter By using @flipkartsupport and on Facebook by tagging @flipkart

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You won’t be able to return these products on Flipkart. Here’s the list

In case you are planning to return the item which you bought on Flipkart, then kindly check the below list. If you product comes under the below list then it will not be eligible for return. So think twice before you buy that item after seeing

As per New Flipkart Policy it will not allow the return of the below-mentioned product, so just be double sure before buying them.


Category Products that can’t be returned
Auto Accessories Additives, Air Fresheners, Brighteners, Cleaners, Bike/Car Stickers, Degreasers, Dent/Scratch Removers, Filler Putty, Headlight Vinyl Films, Liquid Solutions, Lubricants, Polish, Power Steering Fluids, Sealants, Oils and Wax
Automobiles Cars, Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters
Bath and Spa Bath Bubble/Salt/Sponge/Wash, Body Wash, Loofahs, Scrubs, Shampoos and Soaps
Baby Care Bottle Nipples, Breast Nipple Care, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Ear Syringes, Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wipes and Wipe Warmers
Cleaning Products Cleaning Gels, Detergents, Detergent Pods, Fabric Wash Products, Surface Cleaners, Stain Removers and Washing Bars/Powder
Computer Accessories Blank/Educational Media, CDs/DVDs, Ink Toners, Music, Movies and Software
Food and Nutrition Canned Food, Condiments, Drinks, Fruits, Health Supplements, Meat, Seafood, Syrups, Vegetables and other Edible Products
Fashion Baby Dolls, Clothing Freebies, Lingerie Wash-bags, Shapewear, Socks, Stockings and Swimsuits
Footwear Accessories Oils, Glue, Grease, Socks, Shoe Deodorants/Polish Creams/Sprays and Wax
Gardening Products Plant Saplings, Plant Seeds and Soil Manure
Health Care Antiseptic, Band Aid, Body Pain Relief, Eye Drops, First Aid Tape, Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Medical Dressing/Gloves and pH Test Strip
Home Products Adhesives, Barbeque wood, Bird/Insect Repellent, Contact Cement, Crack Fillers, Inks, Guitar/Yoyo Friction Stickers, Marker Refills, Mosquito Coil/Vaporiser/Vaporiser Refills, Naphthalene Balls, Scuba/Smoking-Pipe Mouthpieces and Sprays
Hygiene Cannula, Contact Lens, e-Hookah, Fake Moustache, Female Urination Devices, Menstrual Cups, Needles, Panty Liners, Shaving Products, Smoking Patch, Straws, Sweat Pads, Tampons, Teeth Whitening Products/Wipes, Tissues, Toilet Tissue Aid, Toilet Rolls and Women Intimate Care
Innerwear Bra Accessories, Briefs, Boxers, Lingerie Sets, Panty, Garter, Trunks and Vests
Jewellery Coins
Music Instrument Accessories Mouthpiece Cap/Pad/Set, Oils and Polish
Party Supplies Balloons, Candles, Cut-outs, Decoration articles and Whistles
Festive Supplies Hookah Charcoal/Flavor/Mouth-tip, Incense Sticks and Holi/Rangoli Color
Personal Care Conditioners, Creams, Deodorants, Electric Ear Cleaners, Eyebrow/Eyelash/Hair Styling Products, Eye Mask, Face Wash, Face Care/Fairness Products, Fragrance, Fresheners, Gels, Hair Care, Kajal, Lens Solution, Lip Plumper/Stain, Blackhead/Makeup/Nail Paint Removers, Mascara, Mehendi, Nail Sanding Pad, Oils, Oral Hygiene Products, Perfumes, Hand/Toothbrush Sanitizers, Serums, Talc, Sunscreen, Tanning Liquid, Tattoo, Toners and Wigs
Pet Supplies Aquarium Consumables, Hair Styling, Health Care/Medicinal Products, Horse Girth/Grooming Kit/Braid Tail Bag/Hay/Liniment/Poultice, Inhaler Masks, Litter Box Enclosures, Litter Scoops, Pet Chew, Pet Food/Treat, Pet Pad, Pet Hygiene/Personal Care Products, Poultice, Tail Wraps, Waste Bags and Water Troughs
Sexual Wellness Condoms, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits, Sexual Massagers, Sexual/Pleasure Enhancement Products and Vaginal Dilators


Kindly always check a product’s Returns Policy on the product page. Click here to view the Returns Policy.


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Know Flipkart return policy in detail

Flipkart keeps on modifying its refund policy as per the needs of seller and buyer. As a buyer sometimes we are frustrated when certain items can not be returned on Flipkart. But like all other online shopping platforms, Flipkart also has set some rules and norms for the same.

Some of the product have very limited return peiord and in some case only replacement or only refund is applicable. But all this should be known to the buyers before buying anything from Flipkart

We have created the list of product on Flipkart and return period if any applicable for the same.

The return policy is divided into three parts; Do read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.

Part 1 – Category, Return Window and Actions possible

Category Returns Window, Actions Possible and Conditions (if any)
Lifestyle: Clothing, Footwear, Watches, Sunglasses, Fashion Accessories 30 days

Refund, replacement or exchange

Lifestyle: Sport & Fitness Equipment,, Baby Care, Jewellery, Footwear Accessories, Travel Accessories, Lingerie (top-wear)

Home:  Home décor, Furnishing, Home Improvement Tools, Household Items, and Pet Supplies;

Books & More: Books, Music Instruments, Office Supply, School Supply and Toys

Automotive: All automotive spare parts, accessories

10 days

Refund or replacement

All Electronics, Furniture and Large appliances other than Apple / Beats and Google Products 10 days

Replacement only

For products requiring installation, returns shall be eligible only when such products are installed by the brand’s authorized personnel.

In order to help you resolve issues with your product, Flipkart may troubleshoot your product either through online tools, over the phone, and/or through an in-person technical visit.

If a defect is determined within the Returns Window, a replacement of the same model will be provided at no additional cost. If no defect is confirmed or the issue is not diagnosed within 10 days of delivery or Installation wherever applicable, you will be directed to a brand service centre to resolve any subsequent issues.

In any case, only one replacement shall be provided.

Apple / Beats & Google Products (Mobiles, Tablets,Laptops, Smart Watches) 10 days

Replacement only

For all functionality related issues, do contact the brand authorized service centre directly.

For any other issues with the product, you may contact Flipkart – Flipkart’s 24×7 Customer Care

Grocery 10 days

Refund only

Fruits and Vegetables ordered would be delivered only in the first attempt. In order to ensure that you get fresh fruits and vegetables, we will not be making reattempts to deliver your fruits and veggies in case you miss your slot. Rest of grocery items from Supermart would be delivered through reattempt in case you miss your slot.

Try & Buy 10 days

Refund only

This policy shall be applicable selectively (geographical coverage, product, customer and time periods).

Try & Buy benefits shall be applicable only if the product was bought when the item was on Try & Buy. Else normal category policy shall apply on the order. In any case, only one replacement shall be provided.

No Returns categories Some products in the above categories are not returnable due to their nature or other reasons. For all products, the policy on the product page shall prevail.

You can view the complete list of non-returnable products here.

Part 2 – Returns Pick-Up and Processing

In case of returns where you would like item(s) to be picked up from a different address, the address can only be changed if pick-up service is available at the new address

During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions:

  • Correct Product – IMEI/ name/ image/ brand/ serial number/ article number/ bar code should match and MRP tag should be undetached and clearly visible.
  • Complete product – All in-the-box accessories (like remote control, starter kits, instruction manuals, chargers, headphones, etc.), freebies and combos (if any) should be present.
  • Unused product – The product should be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non-tampered quality check seals/return tags/warranty seals (wherever applicable). Before returning a Mobile/ Laptop/ Tablet, the device should be formatted and Screen Lock (Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint) must be disabled. iCloud lock must be disabled for Apple devices.
  • Undamaged product – The product (including SIM trays/ charging port/ headphone port, back-panel etc.) should be undamaged and without any scratches, dents, tears or holes
  • Undamaged Packaging – Product’s original packaging/ box should be undamaged.

The field executive will refuse to accept the return if any of the above conditions are not met.

For any products for which a refund is to be given, the refund will be processed once the returned product has been received by the seller.

Part 3 – General Rules for a successful Return

  1. In certain cases where the seller is unable to process a replacement for any reason whatsoever, a refund will be given.
  2. During open box deliveries, while accepting your order, if you received a different or a damaged product, you will be given a refund (on the spot refunds for cash-on-delivery orders). Once you have accepted an open box delivery, no return request will be processed, except for manufacturing defects. In such cases, this category-specific replacement/return general conditions will be applicable. Click here to know more about Open Box Delivery
  3. For products where the installation is provided by Flipkart’s service partners, do not open the product packaging by yourself. Flipkart authorised personnel shall help in unboxing and installation of the product.
  4. For Furniture, any product-related issues will be checked by authorised service personnel (free of cost) and attempted to be resolved by replacing the faulty/ defective part of the product. A full replacement will be provided only in cases where the service personnel opines that replacing the faulty/defective part will not resolve the issue.
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Websites to buy Fisher Price Toys online in India

Fisher price toys are available in stores near you in various cities and also available on online shopping websites. We have tried to compile list of websites from where you can buy them online. Not all the websites have listed all the products but still you can check and compare prices.

You can get Fisher price Toys, Baby gear, Learning & Educational Toys, Playsets and action figures, building blocks for your little ones. You can choose among them based upon age and their interest areas.

List of websites to buy Fisher price toys online in India:

  1. Amazon
  2. FirstCry
  3. Flipkart
  4. Jabong
  5. Paytm
  6. HomeShop18
  7. Infibeam

Check for below before making order from any websites:

  • Shipping charges
  • Minimum order value
  • Return and refund( whether they deliver at your location or not)
  • Delivery time
  • Gift packing option in case you are planning to send gift to anyone
  • And last but not the least Price and different websites can offer different price, and no harm in saving some cash  🙂 .

You can also check list of websites from where you can buy toys online in India.

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8 websites to buy toys online in India

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids.  Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others.

We have curated the list of websites from where you can buy toys for your kids online.

List of websites to buy toys online in India:


Amazon has wide range of option for all age group and and in all price range. Their toys options include action figure toys, art and craft, baby and toddler toys, dolls and accessories, puzzles, radio and remote controlled toys, soft toys, sports and outdoor play toys, tricycle scooters and ride-ons, bulding and constructions, learning and educational toys to name among few. you can select the price range, the age group and purpose for which you are interested in buying toys. Don’t forget to check your delivery pincode and delivery charges before placing the order.

First Cry

first cry - toys online in India
first cry – toys online in India presents learning toys and games, family games, board games, pretend play toys and sets, action figures, robotic toys, simple soft toys, musical soft toys, die cast toys and collectibles. With character toys and characters like – Spiderman, Minions, Superman, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Disney Princesses etc. One can chose from brands like – HamleysMitashiFisher Price, Mee Mee, Funskool, Fab N Funky, Hot Wheels, Simba, Skillofun, Barbie & lot more.

There are no COD and delivery charges below above Rs. 499 and order below that have Rs. 25 as COD charges and Rs. 50 as delivery charges.


Flipkart is among top 2 e-commerce giants in India. They offer more than 30 categories of toys which includes remote control toys, educational& learning toys, soft toys, puzzles, art & craft toys to name among few. They have toys from brands like Infinity, Funskool, Fisher-Price and Adraxx. Orders less than Rs.500 can incur delivery changes and above that there are no delivery charges. They have toys for almost all age group.


Snapdeal offers battery ride-ons, Skate scooters, prams, baby walkers, outdoor toys, sides & swings, tricycle to name among few. They have toys from brands like Fisher price, Barbie, Funskool, Me-Me, Hamleys, LEGO, BSA, Disney.


Shopclues offers top brands like Funskool, Morisons Baby dream, crocs, 612 League and Nautinati. Kids toys are starting from Rs. 10, but don’t forget to check the delivery charges as sometimes they can be higher than the original product cost.


In Toycart ou can find vehicles & remote control toys, electronics, dolls, art & craft, puzzles, return gifts, musical toys, partywear items etc.. They offer free shipping for orders above Rs. 599.  Toycart offers 24 hours return policy.



HappyKidz - Toys online
HappyKidz – Toys online

On HappyKidz website you can find Art & craft, game, puzzles and return gifts. They offer their own brand on the website. Payment mode include Netbanking, credit/debit card. 7 days return policy.


Toychamps offers collectibles, creative & educational toys, early years, games, indoor play, model kits, outdoor play, play stuff, puzzles, remote control to name among few. For shipping within India, shipping charges are calculated at the time of your order and the order / payment can be made accordingly. Payment method include credit card, debit card, Paypal.



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GST sale on online shopping website

Highlights of the GST sale on Online shopping websites:

  • Apparels and furniture are being offered for sale on e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon India at discounts of up to 80%.
  • While men’s apparel under brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lee and Arrow are up for grabs at a 70% cut, Prime members on Amazon are getting a minimum of 50% off of on clothing and accessories from UCB and Indigo Nation.
  • Sportswear from Puma and Reebok are also being made available at a cut of up to 70% on Amazon, whereas ethnic wear like sarees and kurtas is up for sale for as much as 80% discounts on Flipkart. This includes a range of brands like Global Desi, Aurelia and W.
  • Shoppers can sit tight and avail of minimum 60% discounts on a range of items on Amazon including coffee tables, bean bags and wall shelves.
  • Flipkart is also giving an extra 20% off on furnitures from HomeTown including modular closets and shoe cabinets.
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Best deals at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal Diwali sales

If you think we’ve missed out on a great deal or included a product that does not deserve to be on the list, leave a comment to let us know!

Best deals at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal Diwali sales
Best deals at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal Diwali sales

Mobile Phones

1 – Moto G Plus 32 GB (4th Gen)

Price: Rs 13499 (MRP Rs. 15000)
Link: Amazon

Moto G4 Plus is one of the best phones in the market below Rs. 15000 mark. The smartphone has a 5.5-inch full HD display which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. The 32GB storage variant with 3GB of RAM has been discounted by Rs. 1500 and is available on Amazon for Rs 13,499.

2 – Samsung Galaxy On8

Flipkart Price: Rs. 14990 (MRP Rs. 15990)
Link: Flipkart

The much-awaited smartphone by Samsung, the Galaxy On8, launched at midnight on Flipkart. The dual SIM phone has a 5.5-inch Full HD super AMOLED display and is powered by a 1.6GHz octa-core processor coupled with 3B RAM and 16GB capacity that can be extended up to 128GB. Better yet, Flipkart is throwing in a free 32GB Samsung microSD card with your purchase.

If the On8 is above your budget, consider the On7 which is on sale for Rs. 7990.

3 – LeEco Le 2

Flipkart Price: Rs. 10499 (MRP Rs. 11999)
Link: Flipkart

LeEco’s Le 2 smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch display, powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor and 3GB of RAM. The powerful phone has a 16-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for selfies.

4 – Apple iPhone 6 – 16 GB (Silver)

Flipkart Price: Rs. 29990 (MRP 39000)
Link: Flipkart

The iPhone 6 16GB usually sells for at least Rs. 36,000 or Rs. 37000. Tonight, starting at midnight, it will be available for just Rs. 30,000 at Flipkart.

Of course, this puts you two generations behind the latest iPhone 7, but the iPhone 6 is still one of the best phones on the market and this is a great price for it. The phone features a 4.7 inch Retina HD Display with 8 megapixel front camera and a 1.2 megapixel rear camera. Powered by a A8 Chip with 64-bit Architecture and M8 Motion Co-processor Processor, the phone has 1 GB of RAM.


1 – Panasonic 40-Inch Full-HD LED

Price: Rs. 26990 (MRP Rs. 47500)
Link: Snapdeal

Panasonic’s 40D200DX is a 40-Inch LED TV that comes with a Full-HD display feature. The TV packs 2 HDMI slots and 2 USB slots along with a 16W audio output.

2 – Vu 32-Inch HD Ready LED

Price: Rs. 11990 (MRP Rs. 16000)
Link: Flipkart

Vu has proven itself to be a reliable brand in affordable TV segment. The 32-inch HD Ready version comes with 2 HDMI and 1 USB slot and is as good a deal when it comes to affordable televisions.

Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates

Gift vouchers are rarely discounted so when you do find them on sale, it’s a real steal. Amazon has some excellent discounts on gift vouchers:

Entertainment Vouchers
Bookmyshow – Rs. 1000 voucher for Rs. 800. Link
PVR – Rs. 100 for Rs. 50. Link

Food / Grocery Vouchers
Pizza Hut – 1000 to 800. Link
Dominos – Rs. 1000 voucher for Rs. 750. Link
Big Bazaar – Rs. 5000 voucher for Rs. 4750 Link

Travel Vouchers
Cleartrip – 20% off on Cleartrip gift vouchers of all values. Link
MakeMyTrip – 20% off on MakeMyTrip gift vouchers of all values. Link

Shopping Vouchers
Shoppers Stop – Rs. 5000 voucher for Rs. 4500. Link
Westside – 10% off on Westside gift vouchers of all values. Link
Pantaloons – 10% off on Pantaloons gift vouchers of all values. Link
Lifestyle – 10% off on Lifestyle gift vouchers of all values. Link

Amazon is also discounting its own gift certificates by 5%. Pro tip: Buy an Amazon gift certificate first and then buy whatever else you want using that gift certificate. Here is the link to buy your discounted Amazon gift certificate.

Snapdeal Gift Card: 5% off

You can buy a Snapdeal gift card at a 5% discount also. It seems the Rs. 5000 gift cards are already sold out but you can buy other denominations up to Rs. 2000. The gift card voucher code will arrive in your email within 2-3 hours.

Electronics & Audio

1 – Mi 10000mAH Power Bank
Price: Rs. 899 (MRP Rs. 1299)
Link: Amazon

This is a good price for such a large power bank, and that too from a known brand.

2 – Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones
Price: Rs. 17640 (MRP Rs. 25200)
Link: Amazon

These are amazing noise cancelling headphones from the premier brand in Audio at previously unheard of prices. Earlier this year, Bose did release a newer wireless version of these headphones, the QuietComfort 35. However those are priced around Rs. 29,000 so we recommend picking up the QuietComfort 25 at Rs. 17,640.

Fashion, Shoes, Clothing

Myntra, being Flipkart’s sister company, is also participating in the Big Billion Days sale. They are running several large sales on well known brands.

Myntra Women’s Offers

Forever 21 – Flat 21% off. Link
Vero Moda – 50% off and above. Link
Marks & Spencer – 50% off and above. Link
FabAlley – Flat 50% Off. Link
Mango – 50% off and above. Link
Nike – 40% off and above. Link
Only – Flat 50% off. Link

Myntra Men’s Offers

Levis – 30% off and above. Link
Blackberry – Flat 50% off. Link
Tommy Hilfiger – 40% off and above on shirts. Link
FCUK: 50% off and above. Link
Adidas: 30% off and above. Link
Flying Machine: 50% off and above. Link

Myntra Rs. 499 Store

If you’d like to look at all brands together while ensuring you stick within your budget then visit Myntra’s Rs. 499 store. You’ll find products from many brands such as Puma’s, Jack & Jones, Roadster, HRX within the Rs. 499 store.

Flipkart Fashion Sale

Flipkart also has an extensive Fashion sale of its own.

Choose among 50,000 different styles of Men’s shoes that are on sale at 50% off or more. For women, take a look at the Rs. 699 Women’s footwear store featuring thousands of choices.

Amazon Clothing & Fashion Offers

Amazon is not one to be outdone. Their fashion sale includes impressive discounts such as:

Peter England – 40% off or more. Link
United Colors of Benetton – 50% off or more. Link
Levis – 40% off or more. Link
Arrow – 50% off or more. Link
Pepe Jeans – 50% off or more. Link
Jack & Jones – 60% off or more.

For Women, we recommend you look at:

United Colors of Benetton – 60% off or more. Link
Vero Moda – 60% off or more. Link
Catwalk – 50% off or more. Link
Pantaloons – 50% off or more. Link
Biba 40% off or more. Link
Caprese – 50% off or more. Link
Amante Lingerie and Nightwear 60% off or more. Link

 Amazon Rs. 299 Fashion Store

Some of the best deals are in the bargain bin. Check the Rs. 299 store for thousands of choices. Men’s Rs. 299 store available here. Women’s Rs. 299 store available here.who will give quality guaranteeLatest comment by PROUD INDIAN

Final Tips

Using the right credit or debit card will save you even more. At Flipkart, you get a 10% discount up to Rs. 1750 each day (on upto 3 different days) when paying with your SBI credit or debit card. At Amazon, if you pay with HDFC Bank debit or credit card you get 15% cashback on when shopping on app, or 10% cashback on when shopping on web. Minimum transaction size is Rs. 6000 and max cashback is Rs. 1500 per card. Snapdeal gives a 20% instant discount when paying with a Citibank debit or credit card. Transaction must be of Rs. 1000 or more and max discount is Rs. 2000.

 Lastly, you can also earn additional cashback/rewards on top of all of these other savings by using a Cashback website such as CouponDunia. CouponDunia pays members cashback every whenever they shop online. Earnings can often be greater than 10%. Signing up today with this link will give you a Rs. 50 bonus.
Source : Gadgets Now
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Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 sale offers

Flipkart is all ready for you with it’s Big billion day sale. Much awaited Big billion sale will start from 2nd October till 6th October 2016. Just be ready to fill your bags for the festive season.

Flipkart big billion day sale 2016
Flipkart big billion day sale 2016

Flipkart Big Billion day Sale – What’s in for you?

  1. Product exchange programme and low prices of large appliances such as televisions, washing machines and refrigerators
  2. Buy-Now-Pay-Later scheme : Flipkart is expected to unveil the scheme in the October Big Billion Day (BBD) sale and is said to be in talks with lenders to arrange pre-approved loans for consumers.
  3. No-cost EMI (equated monthly instalment) scheme
  4. Low prices and wide product range including exclusive partnerships with brands such as BPL Ltd and Vu Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  5. There are going to be smart TVs from leading brands at the prices at which the basic TVs were sold. 32-inch TVs will be sold at the price of 24-inch TVs
  6. Great deals on  brands such as BPL and LeEco
  7. Re 1  sale : Under the special offer, expensive products and accessories are sold in a flash sale at Re 1 for limited number of hours during a day.

As per Gadgets 360 ” The first day of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days will let you shop products in the category for fashion, home décor, televisions, and home appliances. Flipkart will sell mobiles and mobile accessories on the second day of the sale, while the third day will be for all other electronic items. Day 4 and 5 of Flipkart Big Billion Days 2016 will be for the complete range of products. Flipkart has also introduced ‘Your Wish, Our Offer’, where highly-wishlisted products will garner you more deals and discounts on them. It is worth mentioning that in a bid to reassure buyers after the blunders made in the 2014 edition of the sale, Flipkart claims this year’s sale will be glitch-free and more convenient for the customers.

Flipkart is also hosting an offer to win a Moto Deck Bluetooth speaker for the customers who upgrade the Flipkart app during the period from 12:00am September 23 to 11:59pm October 1, i.e. just before the Flipkart Big Billion Days 2016 begin. You can check the terms and conditions for the offer on Flipkart’s App Contest page. “

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10 websites to buy fitness equipment online in India

Fitness/gym equipment online are gaining trend as more and more fitness freak people are looking for them online. Buying fitness products online is easier as it helps in price comparison and more options. The list can help you make buying decision on fitness equipment like treadmills, dumbbells, elliptical, punching bags etc..

websites to buy fitness equipment online in India
websites to buy fitness equipment online in India


List of websites to buy fitness equipment online in India :


Online store offers you fitness equipments like treadmills, ellipticals, cycles, AB coaster, benches, rowers etc.. They are also present in major cities from last 15 years. They provide live demos as well as set-up trial gyms and offer guidance on installation, usage and maintenance. You can make payment through credit card, debit card and net banking. They also have easy EMI options.


They offer treadmill, ellipticals, Bikes, strength series, gym station, free weight, crossfit, vibrators and gym set up services.


Decathlon is a well known brand among sports lovers. They can offer you treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise cycle, spinning, steps and steppers, Body building equipment. Do check if they deliver to your city. Payment option include credit card, debit card and net banking. Plus they offer 90 days return and exchange policy.


Sports365 offers complete range of sports and fitness products. In Gym equipments you can choose from AB slimmer, cross trainer, dumbells, kettlebells, weights, weight bench, gym bikes, home gyms, treadmills and rods and bars. They have 7 days return policy and payment method include credit card, debit card and net banking. It is one stop destination for your fitness requirements which includes not only equipments but also apparel, shoes, wearables, trackers …


In Flipkart in the Fitness accessories option you can get a wide range of fitness equipment options. From exercise bikes to fitness bands to fitness bench, cross trainers, steppers, mini exercise cycles, cardio equipment, flipkart offers you complete range of fitness. Plus you can also buy smart watch to know your calorie burn and on the go tracking of your health.


Snapdeal has options for treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, abdominal exerciser, home gym, rowers, steppers, twister, exercise bench and dumbbells.


Amazon exercise and fitness range include fitness equipment, cardio equipment, strength training and home gym equipment such as benches, bars. To accompany your fitness range you also buy fitness apparel, nutrition….

Quikr : In case you have a limited budget or not planning to invest too much on fitness equipment you can also go for used ones. Quikr can help you search buyer from your locality, so you can bargain and close your deal.

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15 websites to get extra discount on Amazon, flipkart

Coupon code websites in India - QuirkyyMeWhile shopping online we often come across a box to enter a promo code during checkout. Entering a code in the box can helps us save money on the total order or as per code details.

Online shopping sites call them as promotional codes or  coupon codes. They are both the same thing—a digital coupon. Instead of having a printed coupon to hand the retailer, we can enter a code in a box during checkout online. It works just like a print coupon, helping us save money.

Each promo code has a different value, some are for free shipping, while others are for a percentage off your total order. you just need to pick the best one suited for you.

While shopping online you can avail extra discount by putting coupon code during check out. This can help you save money while shopping online.

As printed coupon codes have restriction so do the online promo code. So you just need to select your required coupon code on any of the coupon code websites put it on the online shopping site and check if it works, if it works then proceed with the payment  :

Coupon code websites in India

Coupon code in India - Quirkyyme

Some Coupon code website can also give you option of cash back once you log in to their website, if you want you can do that and avail additional cash back on your account.

Coupon code websites in India - Quirkyyme
Below are the list of websites where you can get coupon code for almost all the categories like Mobiles,watches, Apparel, Footwear, Furniture,Food,Fitness products etc.. and on almost all major online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Fern n petals, Myntra, jabong, Makemytrip etc..

List of websites to get Coupon code for online shopping sites:

So just keep shopping and saving money online 🙂

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New strategies by online shopping companies to attract customer after ban on discount by government

On April 1, the government ‘s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) banned discounts by online marketplaces. Online platforms could no longer use cash to subsidise products or offer deep discounts. Suddenly, Jabong discovered that the data was going to be extremely useful. Digging into the data and putting to use algorithms, the company began to offer what people actually buy instead of carpet bombing them with an excess of items.

Jabong has since reduced the number of brands available online to around 1,500 from 2,500. The number of genuine shoppers — who actually buy — has risen. Conversion rate, a measure of the number of people who buy something from every 100 visitors, has jumped from 1.7% to 2.12%.

Last week, started a fashion e-magazine and fashion blog to “complete the ecosystem for shoppers” to ensure they don’t go elsewhere for the latest trends and end up buying on the e-store. Flipkart, meanwhile, is mulling pre-approved loans to help customers make purchases under a ‘buy-now-paylater’ scheme to prepare for the upcoming festive season.

Adds Paytm’s Sharma, “Our (marketing) spend is around 7% and we plan to reduce it. The focus will be more on customers who are used to buying and how we can serve them better to ensure repeat purchases.”


Source : Economic Times

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Now you can buy Mutual funds through Flipkart and Amazon

As per Live Mint ” A Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) panel on digitization of financial services, headed by Infosys Ltd co-founder Nandan Nilekani, submitted its recommendation on 30 May, two people directly familiar with the development said. The recommendations were then forwarded to Association of Mutual Funds in India, or Amfi, by Sebi for feedback and additional inputs, said the people, adding that the aim is to set things rolling within a month.

“Sebi wants the plan to work right from the beginning. The likelihood of a customer visiting well-known online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon India and Paytm on a daily basis is much higher. The idea is to attract as many potential MF investors as possible from day one without creating too much risk for customers,” said the person. “Allowing all existing players at one go will not only confuse the customers but also increase the risks for customers post investment.”

How it works

You will be required to submit their age, income and location details so that the products offered are suitable and they are not exposed to excessive risks.

After the submission of your personal and income details, you will be able to see a range of MF products that may generally suit your risk profile so that you are enthused to select from the list of schemes.

You might not need to undergo KYC process as the banks through which you will make the payments may have already done the KYC.

However, every MF buyer on the websites may be asked to provide their PAN/Aadhaar after submitting their other details while buying an MF scheme.

However, for making payments through e-wallets or by cash to buy MFs on e-commerce platforms, there may be a total annual investment limit of Rs.50,000.

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Flipkart return policy reduced from 30 days to 10 days

As per Economic timesFlipkart has revised its return policy , narrowing the window when a customer can send back a product bought on its website to 10 days from the previous 30 on most top-selling products. The leader of India’s ecommerce space also told sellers on the platform that they will have to pay higher commissions from June 20. “

Key Changes proposed by Flipkart 

  • 30-day return policy will remain only for clothing, footwear, watches and eyewear, jewellery and fashion accessories, as well as large appliances.
  • Levy of higher commission charges on seller, which can might increase the product prices.
  • Flipkart to discontinue Zero+commission policy for sellers
  • Sellers can pass on the one side shipping charges to the customers
  • Sellers will have to bear the reverse shipping fee


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