6 websites to buy Gold, Diamond jewelry online in India

A list of online shopping website to buy gold and diamond jewelry online can be of great help to you.

Your mind will give you 100 odd reasons why not to buy Jewellery online, but still, the magic of online shopping overcomes all odds. Online shopping for jewelry gives you ample collection of jewelry to choose from and compare with just one click.

Multiple filters on the shopping websites such as style, range, design, color, and others are also available so that you can personalize your search. Plus the biggest advantage is it helps you save some extra bucks. In case you still have a doubt about how to buy gold and diamond Jewelry online in India then you can refer to this guide.

There is a number of websites that are selling gold/diamond jewelry, precious stones online, but we have tried to list the reputed ones.

List of website toΒ buy Gold, Diamond jewelry online in India :


Bluestone online shopping website
Bluestone online shopping website

Bluestone offers Gold, Diamond, Platinum and gemstone jewelry through their online shopping portal. You can also shop for Gold coins and solitaire. You can avail next day delivery option on certain products as well and book an appointment at your home. They claim to offer BIS, IGI, SGL and HKD certified jewelry. Bluestone offers 30 days exchange and returns in India.


They have Gold/diamond jewelry, Solitaire, and gold coin collection. With their Try@home option, you can try earrings, pendants, rings, bangles, and necklaces at home. As per Caratlane, they offer certified reputed third-party labs like GIA, IGI, and HRD, only offer BIS hallmarked jewelry.

TanishqΒ :

Tanishq online shopping website

Tanishq online shopping websiteThis obviously does not need an introduction. You can browse and shop their collection online and also avail good discounts which are available throughout the year. Tanishq offers Free shipping and 7 days return exchange policy of the goods bought online.

Jewelsouk : Jewelsouk offers diamond, silver, gold, solitaire jewelry online. They offer 30 days replacement policy from the date of delivery.

PNG jewellersΒ :

PNG jewellers online shopping website

PNG jewelers online shopping websitePNG jewelers have also opened an online store, you can browse their collection. PNG is also offering Silver and gift item which most of the above sites don’t have. They have refund policy as per the metals, gold, diamond, gemstone and non-studded have 14 days return policy and silver have 7 days refund policy.

WearYourShine : WearYourShine.com is an online jewelry retail store that offers an assortment of jewelry ranging from rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces to bangles, bracelets, gold chains, and mangalsutras. WearYourShine.com has curated jewelry marketplace offering jewelry trends from reputed brands across various cities in India. They showcase the designs from brands like PC Jeweller, PN Gadgil, Sparkles Jewellery, Kama Jewellery, Candere, Diaashi Diamonds and many more.

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