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Landing on a shopping site and selecting the right product sometime becomes cumbersome and we leave the shopping site without making any purchase. It’s true that too much options can also complicate your life. We see so many products listed in any category and we get confused and get tired of seeing the product and after some time all looks as same, this is especially true for any fashion product.

Let’s find out how we can quickly complete our online shopping and get back to our work.

Online Shopping Hacks : How to shop online faster

  • Know your budget : Most of the time we know how much amount we can spend on a particular, so we have budget in mind (unless it is a window shopping). To complement this Shopping sites have price filters, use them.
    • Most of the either it is on left or right side of the page.
    • You can select a range or enter you value manually. By selecting this you are eliminating the products which you are not interested in.
  • Use Sort by option : Most of the time, by default Popularity is selected. As per your requirement you can select what’s new if you are interested in knowing new addition on the website or Discount if you are interested in discounted products.
  • Make Brand selection : If you are interested in a particular Brand/Brands, then select it will further narrow down you search and can shop faster.
    • It is helpful when you are buying Home appliances, Mobile phones, Apparel and footwear. Plus it is also of help when you are looking for any specific brand product while buying anything on internet 🙂
    • I personally use this while shopping apparel and footwear.
  • Select other option : Additional filters like color if you buying any clothes, Language if you are buying any book or technical features if you are buy any electronics products can also be of great help. They can help you eliminate the unwanted product and let you reach the deep sea of shopping.
  • Save products for later use : When you like any product and are not sure whether to buy or not, then save the product( option is there in almost all shopping website near product image). So the next time you just need to save product option and click add to bag and make payment. You don’t need to do the homework again to select the product.


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