Now states are ready to charge you extra for online shipping

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Now your online shopping delivery to Madhya Pradesh is going to cost you extra as Madhya Pradesh government has decided to impose 6% tax on online shopping in order to increase the state’s revenue and entail everything in the tax bracket with no exceptions at all.

As per DNA “Madhya Pradesh government will soon impose 6% tax on online shopping.This will be imposed on the items we get here through transporters. All the online shipments will be put under supervision, whether it’s within the country or from abroad,” MP finance minister Jayant Malaiya told ANI here.

Incidentally, Himachal Pradesh government is also contemplating levying tax on online purchases.Besides, states like Uttarakhand, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu among others are already charging the tax on online purchases from 1% to 10% which eventually is paid up by the end user.

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