Must Try these features on online shopping websites in India

Must Try these features on online shopping websites in India

We all love online shopping but some of the features of the online shopping website in India worth trying. Many websites are coming up with new features to make the online shopping experience easier for the customer.

Even if you are not planning to buy anything in few days from any of these websites, you can just try and how it works just for fun.

Online shopping features worth trying for :

  • Next Day delivery: You can avail sam day delivery or next day delivery in selected cities.
  1. Online shopping portal name : Amazon, with it’s Amazon Prime service. You can avail thirty day trial period and see how it works. Once you select the product and click on checkout you can see the option on next page.
  • 3D Trials : You can see wether the products suits your look in 3 Dimension view.
  1. Online shopping portal name : LenseKart a 3D trial option so that you don’t need to visit the store to order a pair of glasses.
3D trial option on Lense Kart
3D trial option on Lense Kart

Amazing feature and fun to try 3 step process. Just click on the above image and take 3 dimension view of your face and task is done. Since 3d view of your face has been captured now you can see which frames looks good on you.

  • See how clothes fit on you: One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is we don’t know how the clothes will look on us when it arrives.
  1. Online shopping portal name : Abof is offering option to view how clothes will look on them once it arrives. So you can create your body dimensions as click on the option ” Try”  and see the magic.
"Create you body" option in Abof
“Create you body” option in Abof
  • Same Day delivery : In this you decide the time at which you want your gift to be delivered on chosen day.
  1. Online shopping portal name : Fern n petal is offering option to get delivered your gifts to your loved ones at specified time of the day. Have personally tried this and just loved it. But, yes nothing comes free and you need to additional charge for the same.
  • Design our Shoes : For the people like who have broad feet, find it difficult to find shoe for themselves. So here it comes. Now you can design a shoe for your self!
  1. Online shopping portal name : PurpleHide let’s you design a perfect shoes for yourself. just click on the options which include shoe design, heel height, color of your material. So get ready to gift perfect Cinderella shoes.  And yes, this only for girls!!!!
Design you shoes at PurpleHide
Design you shoes at PurpleHide
  • Select your Pick up store : You can select the pick up store in case you are not able to receive your online shopping order.
  1. Online shopping Portal Name : Both Flipkart and Amazon are giving pick up option from nearset delivery center in case you are not able to receive your order.
Pick up stores Flipkart
Pick up stores Flipkart
  • Try at Home : You can try Jewellery at home and then buy it. Yes you heard it right and this offer is not from your favourite nearby jewellery shop but from Online shopping website.
  1. Online Shopping Portal name : Both Bluestone and Caratlane are offering Try at home option at no extra cost. You ust need to book an appointment, a Jewellery consultant will come at your doorstep and you ca share the desgns with your loved ones and select the one which you like.


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