Have you ordered any product from Aliexpress and looking to get in touch with the customer care team? Or do you have any query regarding the current order?

You can get in touch with the Aliexpress customer service team through chat support. Before getting into touch with the team, know exactly what is your concern :

  • Have you have not received the product/ goods
  • Have you have not received the refund of your return
  • could you not pay for your order
  • Do you want to modify your order
  • Or you have some query regarding shipping, payment or return

You can contact Aliexpress India customer support team 24/7.  Click on the Aliexpress India customer care page.

Here you can see chat with customer care option at the end of the page.

Or you can click on Need help option on the right side, and when you click on that list of options will be displayed.

Once you click on the relevant question, you will be redirected to the chat support team and asked to log in.


Just login with your Aliexpress account and discuss your problem.

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