How farmers can sell their produce online in India

How farmers can sell their produce online in India

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Starting and growing a farm is one thing, but getting your agricultural products to the customer is another. While there are many ways to sell your farm products, one channel most farmers never explore is the internet.

Many times farmers are confused about how they can sell their farm produce online directly to the consumer or to the business community. This internet thing is new to them and they might get confused. But still many platform, government initiatives and NGO have tried to simplify the process for them.

Language is also one of the barrier while selling online. Most of the websites are in English but farmer preffer their native language while communicating.

Below are some websites which can help farmers sell their produce online.

5 Ways To Sell Agricultural Products Online In India

Kissan Point : Farmers can list their Crops online. This can be seen by many Super Markets, Food Processing Companies, Traders, Whole Selers and Consumers and can be sold at best price from the door steps of the farmers. Also farmers can list their NaturalManures/Seeds/Seedlings/Livestock/Cattle online which is useful for other farmers. Farmers can also list handicrafts, skilled labour, khadi, stone works etc and any other type of produce they make in their villages.

KisanMandi : Farmers (Kisan) can sale their products directly to end consumer i.e. Institution , Group Co-operative Societies , Citizen Associations or any other group buyers on & also farmer can save lot of money via Group buying of Agri products  or machinery directly from Manufacturing Companies and big distributors on a fair price.

E-Nam: On the e-platform, farmers can list the items they want to sell on the portal. Local traders, as well as traders in other States, can then bid for the produce. The farmer will be free to choose to accept the offer made locally or by traders in other States. The transaction will be recorded on the books of the local mandi, which will continue to earn the transaction fee.

Connect Farmer : Farmers can get in touch with the volunteers of Connect farmers to sell their farm produce. They connect farmers directly to the buyers. It means connecting farmers to customers. It is an on-ground effort to support farmers to develop value-added products and reach a wider market with them.

Tip for Farmers for selling produce online in India:

Many of these websites apart from providing a platform to buy and sell they also provide cultivation and online selling tips for the farmers in India

If you have a problem with the English language while registering your product you can talk on their call center and ask if they can help you in your preferred language.

Try to understand hidden fees involved in the selling procedure like registration fees, transaction fees/commission etc..


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