8 ways to shop online like a pro

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Nowadays shopping online has become part of our everyday life. But most of us quit or leave online shopping sites because we are not able to find what we are looking at. The reason is we are either lost in the huge product shown on the page or could not find what we are looking for.

Few people when they are desperately looking for something on online shopping website leave as they get irritated by viewing lots of products and get confused.

There are some tips which can help you find what you are looking for( Obviously if it is there on the site) and help you shop quickly.

  • Use Search box: Search box on the online shopping websites can help you shop faster. Type what you are looking for e.g” Nike Blue running shoes” or ” Mothercare baby girl knitwear” or ” men winter cap”. Searching on the search box can hit you directly on the page you are looking for, instead of going through category.
  • Use filter: Filter is one of the best option available but still they are underutilized by most of the shoppers. Almost all of the shopping sites have the filter which can broadly include options like Brands, price, configuration, colour and many more depending upon the product. So if you are looking for a red lehanga for your friends wedding just select “Red” from the colour filter instead of going through all the products and not finding what you are looking for.
  • Sort: Sort is also one of the options which can help you shop quickly. Most of the website have the option to sort the products by Price – High/Low, Discounts, New arrival, Bestseller. So if you are looking for certain products which are new or has a discount you can select the filter accordingly.
  • Save for later: If you are doing window shopping online and you love something which you wish to buy in future or when the sale season arrives, just add that product in your favourite. So next time when the price drops or it is in stock you can buy it directly instead of searching it in a long list of products.
  • Add to cart: You just add products to your cart and leave it. Buy them once you feel like buying them it will cut down the entire process of searching them once again.
  • Related products: Related products are usually shown on the product page. So going through them can also give you ideas and option.
  • Recommended products: Recommended products are shown as per your products search history or shopping history, so you can directly go through them and decide what you want.
  • Download App : Most of the online shopping websites have App, you can download them. An app can send you ntoification about product availability, new launches, any new discounts, sale season etc.. all these can make your online shopping faster and easy.

Happy Shopping 🙂



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