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7 awesome websites to buy holi dress and saree for women in India

7 awesome websites to buy holi dress and saree for women in India

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Holi can be officially called as beginning of Summer. Cotton is essentially the best material for this season as it keeps you cool irrespective of how harsh the Sun is especially with the late Holi this year around.

If you are in the mood for some ethnic Indian wear, go for the classic combination we saw yesteryear superstar Rekha gracefully flaunt in the song ‘Rang Barse’. This one will always be in trend for Holi! So you can pair a white chickankari long kurta with leggings and if you’d like to add a little twist to it, you can team it up with a colorful bandhni print dupatta! Also, the colors of Holi are best showcased in white and give out a happy vibe. Even a white kurti with comfy-jeans is a good option as it makes you look stylish yet relaxed.

You can sport a block-print scarf or a tie-dye dupatta with any of the above mentioned styles and outfits. To make a funky fashion statement, you can tie an ikat-print stole around your head and in turn, also save your hair from the damage.

Below are some websites from where you can buy holi dresses for yourself and family:

Samprada :

Cotton Khadi or natural cotton handloom fabrics for holi

A touch of the hand is found in all the fabrics that they use, be it the hand block prints from Bagru or natural dyed Ajrakhs, the Jamdani muslin cotton Khadi or natural cotton handloom fabrics. Opt for some Classic, elegant & comfortable Kurtas or dress this holi season, we are sure you will love the feminine look !

InduBlue :

naturally dyed clothes using things like vegetables, grasses, soil to give organic touch to your clothes this Holi

Indublue showcases authentic Indian textiles procured directly from artisans from the land of lakes, palaces, deserts – India. You can opt for Kurtas, dresses or sarees or even pick a matching dupatta or pants this Holi. Each product of there, has its own identity and unique design, which is always a charm of any hand made products. Also, clothes are naturally dyed, in natural surroundings using things like vegetables, grasses, soil, lake water etc.

Tjori :

Colorful clothes and matching accessories for Holi online

Sarees, dresses or Kurtis can be a perfect match for the Holi season. You can select some bags, jewelry, footwear or accessories to add color your attire during holi celebration.

Cottonworld : Grab some cool cotton dresses and kurtis for yourself and your man from this website. Pastel shades will help you to beat the heat.

Fabindia :

Handcrafted and naturally dyed clothes for holi

FabIndia can offer you awsome range of cotton and cotton silk dresees for you and your entire family for the Holi.
Fabindia’s products are natural, craft based, contemporary, and affordable.

Jaypore : Jaypore partners with artisanal communities, textile designers, independent artists (and the occasional maverick) to showcase a new, contemporary design language that comes from India and belongs everywhere on the globe. A perfect platform to select dresses for your entire family not only for holi but also for summer, especially if you live in North India.


websites to buy holi dress and saree for women in India
Cotton and linen clothes to add magic to your aura during holi

Must shop website for cotton and linen lovers. Unique patterns and designed from all parts from India and handcrafted to give you special feel. Just try their cream or indigo or coral collection this holi to add hue to holi. Select dress or Saree as per your choice. Do check for your pincode to see if they deliver in your area.

You can also look for saree online

You can also complete your ethnic look with these matching dupatta available online


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