Importance of return and refund policy for Online Shoppers
September 19, 2019

Importance of return and refund policy for Online Shoppers

By Mira

One of the most ignored thing by customers while shopping online is Return and refund policy. We complain regarding the return not being accepted by the online shopping platforms. Most of our time is spent on online shopping sites browsing the products or checking payment or delivery options. But we hardly take out time to go through the return and refund policy.

Ignoring return and refund policy can be one of the biggest mistakes. There is no standard return policy followed by all websites. The website might have the same or different products which can be returned or can not be returned within the stipulated time.

According to a survey, 27% of consumers are put off ordering something online in the first place because they do not want the hassle of returning it if it is not right.

Check out the list of things buyers should always check before making any purchase on any online shopping website.

All the information you have is the product description written on the product page. On the basis of trust, shoppers shop online. In physical stores, you can ask the shopkeeper whether this product can be returned or not but on online shopping websites, you need to check the list provided by the seller on the return page.

It is even recommended that you should not shop from websites which do not have a return policy or if the policy sounds doubtful as they might have intentions to cheat the customers.