How to avoid fake reviews while online shopping
July 19, 2019

How to know review and rating are fake or real on online shopping site

By Mira

While making online purchase reviews and rating play a very important role. But the thing is, not every review or rating is genuine or real. But it is true that Reviews and rating influence your decision-making process.

We tend to check reviews not only for brands which are not known to us as we do not know how it will come out once we receive the delivery but also for brands with which we are familiar, to know if it is genuine, it is as per your requirement or not, it is for the purpose for which you are buying, etc.. It is proved that online rating and reviews are checked by people as they consider them as personal recommendation from buyers.

Reviews on online shopping websites or marketplace product page can be described in two parts:

  • Reviews about the online shopping platform
  • Review about the product

For e.g someone ordered a mixer grinder from any online shopping website and when it was received, it was broken. So there could be review regarding the seller that broken product was delivered or it could have been broken during shipping and delivery or like reviews regarding the brand that it not worth the price. So you should understand what response you are trying to find out from the review. Below is review of Juicer on a leading online shopping marketplace:


There are fake reviews and rating also on these online shopping websites, so who writes them:

  • Robots or AI are doing these jobs on behalf of sellers
  • Freelancer writes reviews on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc… for sellers or brands
  • Fake reviews exist on social media or blogs/forum like, Twitter, Facebook

So, to crack the code, how to clear the clutter and read real reviews and use them in your decision-making process.

How to spot fake reviews on Online shopping websites:

  • Trust your instinct, this is the most important thing. Is the review sound too good/ bad to be true.
  • Watch out for generic names and/or photo-less profiles.
  • Look for verified purchases, use sort by the option, also look for reviews with images.

  • Look for phrase repetition. “Look through several reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews.
  • If in doubt, most of the online shopping marketplace have an option where you can reach out to the reviewer.

But don’t worry as you are not alone who is fighting to stop these fake reviews. This unethical bad review technique can be devastating for a business, especially on Amazon. The website is dealing with a serious counterfeit problem, so it has a few automated systems in place to protect buyers from fraud. If a product gets a lot of bad reviews in a short period, then the person who’s selling that product will get suspended from Amazon.

Also know how  to avoid fake reviews online while shopping online