Think twice before referring to reviews online

How to avoid fake reviews while online shopping

Are you one of them who takes online feedback seriously before shopping? Then read this article carefully. Whether it is an emrging online shopping market like India or matured market like US or UK sellers on the marketplace surely know their way out.

As per latest news on Economic Times on Fake reviewers, Amazon sellers are fooling users :

Amazon’s online shoppers are being fooled by fake review factories running on multiple Facebook groups. 

The scam is supported by several large and small companies as well as by entrepreneurs who depend on Facebook to spread positive reviews about their products listed on Amazon to its 2.6 billion users globally. 

Fake reviewers, backed by Amazon sellers, post details about the products on Facebook Groups to influence consumers, the Guardian reported on Saturday. 

Since the reviewers have to really pay for the items, Amazon is fooled into believing that the buyer is genuine but after leaving a glowing review, the product manufacturing company refunds the purchase price and sometimes also pays an extra fee. “

Fake reviewers, websites or sellers will always find a way out to speak to their audience. Keeping your eyes and ear open can help you in decision making.

Whether you are looking for reviews on online shopping websites or any other forum or blogging websites it’s hard to find fake reviews. Many people don’t have enough time to go through each and every website to make out whether it is genuine or not.

  • Tips to spot fake reviews while shopping online :
    • Report any fake reviews you have come across
    • Always use your common sense if reviews look too good or bad to be true
    • Refer to other blogging platform or websites for reviews, if possible
    • When in doubt reach out to the reviewer. If it’s fake they will not respond
    • Look for phrase repetition. Look through several reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews

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