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Amazon fights against fake products

Many of us had received fake products especially the branded one from Amazon. But this time Amazon is well prepared to fight against the fraud sellers.

Fakes have frustrated top labels like Apple Inc and Nike Inc and discouraged some from selling via Amazon at all.

How AMAZON INDIA will beat fake sellers?

Amazon said its pilot began early this year and included in-person appointments with prospective sellers. However, it switched exclusively to video conferencing in February because of social distancing requirements related to the highly contagious coronavirus, which has infected more than 2.9 million people globally.

The interview vetting, on top of other risk-screening performed by Amazon, has been piloted with more than 1,000 merchant applicants based in China, the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, Amazon said.

The extra scrutiny by Amazon could make it harder for some China-based sellers, who have registered multiple accounts using private internet networks or fake utility bills. China-based merchants accounted for 40% of the top 10,000 Amazon sellers in Europe, according to 2019 research from firm Marketplace Pulse.

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