JABONG Rest in Peace

Jabong which was one of the prominent shopping websites for fashion lovers is no more. There is no official communication from Flipkart but while visiting the Jabong.com they are sending customers to Myntra.

None of the links in any category is working and every page has one single message: ” Rush to Myntra to place your orders”

For those who were regularly following Jabong can relate that after the acquisition from Flipkart Jabong has started offering very fewer options in each category.

It used to be favourite of fashion lovers as it has exclusive brands and the most important was that they were genuine. Jabong used to have excellent customer care where customer satisfaction was important.

After the acquisition, Jabong has died a natural death. From all those good, bad and ugly news about Jabong, it has still remained to win the heart of the online shoppers.

But you will always be loved because you were the one who had made brands accessible online. A truly Made in India brand with whom we will love to associate ourselves.

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Not happy with Fit, get your clothes altered by Myntra

In a recent announcement by Myntra it has partnered with tailors for providing alteration service. This will help the local tailors to earn an additional income and grow their business. The feature will be is available ahead of  Myntra’s End of Reason of Sale in December to make online shopping more convenient for its customers and attracting a cohort of offline-only customers to try online shopping.

in the word of Myntra “We may provide you alternation services (limited to alteration of length, alteration of the waist size) for the garments purchased by You from Us. This service shall be free of cost and no amount would be collected from You for such alteration. However, a nominal fee as mentioned by Myntra at the time of creating the alteration request (inclusive of service tax) would be applicable as convenience charge towards pick up and drop of the garments or towards tailor visit (wherever applicable).”

Myntra has so far tied up with 200 tailors, located in zones that have a large number of Myntra customers in these cities. Customers will be able to opt for an alteration service once the product is delivered. The tailors will pick up the product from the customer’s residence after taking necessary measurements and deliver them to the customer, within 24 hours to 48 hours. The alteration service is being offered at no extra cost to customers.

“As quoted by Myntra “Launching alteration services on Myntra replicates a key offline phenomenon that further bridges the gap between online and offline shopping experiences for customers. It is aimed at making online shopping more convenient while reducing returns due to size and fit issues,” said Amar Nagaram, Head – Myntra Jabong.

As an organization, we are committed to strengthening the small and medium businesses within our ecosystem and this service provides us an opportunity to work with tailors across the country and provide them an opportunity to augment their income while also enhancing their business and customer interaction skills through training. We have introduced this service in 4 cities ahead of our End of Reason Sale and will extend this to 80% of our customer base over the next one year,” Nagaram said further.

So fingers crossed for this new service being offered by Myntra and let’s see how it comes out to help their online business and to the customer who complain of irregular fit and have to return the clothes.

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How to keep your Facebook account safe in 2019 Election

Facebook has issued safety instruction ahead of 2019 Election, to its users, after they were affected by a massive security breach which has impacted almost 50 million Facebook users across the globe.

In the breach a third-party company erroneously accessed data that a then-legitimate quiz app had siphoned up, this vulnerability allowed attackers to directly take over user accounts.

Below is the mail to the Facebook users on how to secure their Facebook account in the much awaited Election of 2019.


Safety and security are very important to Facebook, which is why we’re approaching political parties during this time with some tips about how to secure your account.

Engagement from a wide range of voices on Facebook enriches our community and facilitates conversations, including conversations about politics. At times, a few sophisticated bad actors will at times seek to target high-profile political figures and those connected to them to undermine democratic discourse online. 


We believe that it’s worth being familiar with the small handful of standard approaches generally used by those targeting elected officials, candidates and those associated with them. You can help protect your Facebook account by ensuring that your email account, website and third-party apps are kept safe. Below are five commonly used strategies and information about how to minimise your risk.

1. Spear phishing 

In spear phishing, bad actors send highly customised emails to specifically targeted individuals. These emails are intended to look like legitimate correspondence but often contain malicious links or documents. In a recent spear phishing campaign, emails or messages indicate that a password reset is required for your email account. The email contains a shortened link that directs to a fake email login page. If you enter your information on this page, the attacker is able to acquire the information and access your account.

It’s important to understand that your personal email, social media and other accounts are just as attractive as the accounts that you use for your professional, government and official purposes. Exercise the same level of vigilance in protecting your personal accounts as you do with the accounts that you use for official business.

Recommendation: If you receive an unexpected email or message prompting a password reset, don’t click any links in the message. Instead, visit the sender’s official website to check the legitimacy of the request.

2. Facebook branded Page appeal phishing: 

Sometimes phishing campaigns try to convince targeted users that their Facebook account or Page has been suspended, and the message may appear to be sent directly from Facebook. These campaigns are designed to collect your sensitive information with a link to a credential-harvesting domain. With access to your login credentials, attackers will be able to log in to your account and make changes to your settings that will ultimately prevent you from using the account altogether.

Facebook branded Page appeal phishing attacks make illegitimate use of Facebook’s branding to send messages – commonly via Messenger, increasing the impression that the notification is real and personalised. See below for an example of a recent phishing attempt:

Clicking the link in the message will compromise the account and lock users out of their accounts. Resolving this requires escalation to the Facebook security team. Attackers using this method of phishing have developed ways to hide their activity from detection while retaining access to the targeted Facebook Page or account. These campaigns are financially motivated and tend to target influential Facebook Pages with high follower counts, making policymakers attractive targets.

3. Website compromise: 

Another approach that bad actors have used is “strategic web compromise”, in which they infect specific websites that their targets are likely to visit. Navigating to one of these sites will lead to the automatic downloading of malicious code, often in the target’s browser. This malicious code is then used to carry out further attacks, such as copying and sharing information accessed or browsed by the victim. Recently, this type of activity has focused on Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Embassy websites, which are likely to be visited by diplomats, politicians and their professional staffs.

Recommendation: Make use of web browsers only if they have built-in security protections, e.g. Google Chrome, and regularly patch and update the web browsers and other software that you use.

4. Targeting of professional staff 

Online security threats extend not only to you but also to your colleagues and staff. A common tactic is to use the same approach with the entire staff of the targeted victim in order to gather as much valuable information as possible.

Recommendation: Share security materials and best practices with your staff. Internal security awareness training in your organisation should emphasise the value of your information and the likelihood that dedicated malicious actors will try to acquire it.

5. Third-party apps permissions 

Installing applications to your devices can introduce unforeseen risks of account compromise. Many apps allow users to log in via another service for the sake of convenience, but this function also initiates data sharing between services. For instance, certain services allow you to log in using Facebook and, in turn, will receive data about your Facebook account. This form of authentication has been prone to abuse and is a common initial attack tactic for sophisticated bad actors.

Recommendation: It’s important to routinely review the apps downloaded to your devices, and particularly those that have requested access to your Facebook account. We recommend that you delete apps that you don’t recognise, apps that you don’t use and any apps that have particularly broad permissions and allow access to accounts that isn’t necessary. Learn more about how to manage your apps and their permissions.

Questions? Please contact our team at any time on our official Government & Politics page.

How government policy to stop extra discount can impact online buyers

Customer service, which is one of the most ignored part on online shopping companies, is now ready to change the game of the e-commerce market with the change in government policy.

As per recent update by the regulatory body ” To tighten loopholes around sellers and brands, the draft policy has suggested that discount curbs will not be limited only to the marketplace, such as Amazon and Flipkart, but would extend to group companies. The government suspects that many of the sellers on these platforms have indirect shareholding from the marketplace operators. Further, the the deep discounts would include checks on differential price for the same product sold offline and online.” as quoted by TOI

Price was one of the most important factor for the buyers while shopping online, but with the suggested changes by the government there will not be any difference in the product price sold online and offline.The draft has also suggested to introduce a pre-set timeframe for offering differential pricing or deep discounts by e-commerce players to customers.

Now customer service is going to play crucial role in success and failure of the e-commerce platform.

As of now return and refund policy on various e-commerce platform does not have consistency or basic minimum requirement and are created mostly to suit the seller even after offering No question asked return/refund policy.

Customer mostly feel helpless when they face any problem and due to which they are loosing trust on the online shopping platform.


With implementation of new policy Independent e-commerce regulator will deal with consumer complaints. Which means there is somebody sitting and watching those e-commerce companies and ensuring that customer interest is safeguarded.

Online shopping companies are trying to differentiate themselves by exclusive product launch/ availability, but factors like return refund policy, User experience, convenience to reach out in case of any query, Payment options etc.. will help in the long run, unlike the price.

Many a times customers are also at fault and they fail to accept their mistakes but this situation can also arise when online shopping websites fail to express them terms and conditions. As of now most for most of the online shoppers price is the differentiating factor when they are opting to shop online, but this not true in all the scenarios as sales from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities also contribute to their growth. Buyers from small town and cities might not have access to all the brands in physical stores but the online shopping websites helps them to access whether it is fashion products, electronics gadgets or books.



How to deal with Fake news on WhatsApp

Whatsapp has published full page advertisement in leading newspaper article about how they are going to treat Fake news. Fake news have created a series of beating and lynching people without verifying the facts or source of information. WhatsApp has  urged users to check information before sharing it and cautioned them about the spread of fake news.

To fight fake news in India Facebook-owned WhatsApp launched its “forwards label” in India, a measure it expects will help users identify if a text or a video is not originally composed and forwarded from another user.

In a statement, WhatsApp said that starting today (Tuesday), it will indicate which messages received have been forwarded to the user.

“This extra context will help make one-onone and group chats easier to follow. It also helps you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it is originally came from someone else. To see this new forwarded label, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp.”

Quoting Wikipedia “ Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person, and/or gain financially or politically, often using sensationalist, dishonest, or outright fabricated headline to increase readership, online sharing, and Internet click revenue. “

Government of India sent out a stern warning to WhatsApp asking the Facebook-owned messaging platform to immediately stop the spread of “irresponsible and explosive messages filled with rumours and provocation” on its platform.


WhatsApp fake news
WhatsApp fake news

How you can keep yourself safe from fake forwarded messages:

  • Avoid sending or tapping on the forwarded messages
  • You can block the suspicious message sender, disregard  or delete the message
  • Forward the messages with extra care
  • In case of any suspicious messages report the issue to Whatsapp under Help
  • In Android, just to go Menu Button > Settings > About and Help > Contact Us. In iPhone, go to Settings > About and Help > Contact Us. In the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp, go to More > Settings > About > Support. On Desktop version of WhatsApp, go to Settings > Help > Contact Us.
  • In the Contact Us section, you can always write a detailed message to WhatsApp explaining the problem. There’s also the option of sharing screenshots from any abusive chat.

How to protect privacy in Alexa enabled devices

Recent news related to Alexa regarding the an Amazon Echo smart speaker inadvertently sent a family’s private conversation to an acquaintance highlights some unexpected risks of new voice-enabled technologies.

Maintaining privacy in this internet and connected world is one of the biggest issues.

In India Alexa enabled Devices from Amazon are Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo plus and Echo Spot.  These are hands-free smart speakers that lets  you control using your voice. It connects to Alexa – a cloud based voice service to play music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and much more.

Amazon records all the commands you give and uses that data to make Alexa even smarter, but you can delete all of it pretty easily if you want to.

How to delete Conversation with Amazon’s Alexa

The Amazon FAQ states, “You can delete specific voice recordings associated with your account by going to History in Settings in the Alexa App, drilling down for a specific entry, and then tapping the delete button. Or, you can delete all voice recordings associated with your account for each of your Alexa-enabled products, by selecting the applicable product at the Manage Your Content and Devices page at www.amazon.com/mycdor contacting customer service.” Amazon recommends against doing this, however, as it will result in a less personalized experience and poorly tailored responses.

Amazon also pointed to a very helpful Alexa and Alexa Device FAQ page that provides more detail on how the Echo devices work. More importantly, it also provides information for how to shut off the Echo / Echo Dot microphone if you don’t want Alexa to listen at all, or review and delete things Alexa may have recorded you saying. Mute the Echo when not in use. A physical mute button is located at the top of the device. The “always listening” microphone will be disabled until physically unmuted.

Below Video tutorial can also help you how to delete conversation with Alexa.

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Alexa’s Creepy laugh to funny search results to make your day lighter

In past few days Amazon’s Alexa has been making buzz on the internet for the both good and bad(creepy) things. People are dying to own a one and also not letting go nay chance go to make fun with Alexa by asking funny questions.

In case you  are not aware about Alexa, Alexa is the brain behind Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Plus. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask and Alexa will respond. Alexa updates through the cloud automatically and is continually learning, adding new functionality and skills. Alexa can make your life easier and more fun. You can engage with Alexa for Music & Entertainment, News & Information, Calling & Messaging, Shopping, questions & answers to name among few.

These days Alexa is making buzz for the funny question people are asking from her.

Alexa has been designed to understand different languages, but still glitches can happen.  A twitter user has posted that after he was drunk Alexa couldn’t decipher his accent. Uhhh probably this is not a bug but Alexa has not been designed to understand people accent and language when they are drunk

Alexa review on Twitter

As per a report in Metro US, a man from California claimed that his Amazon Alexa, out of the blue, said, “Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying.” While there have been many instances of Alexa saying creepy things that went viral on social media, the latest addition to the list is a claim by 30-year-old Shawn Kinnear.

On of the Twwitter user has mentioned that instead of playing Pandora Alexa started playing Dora. Oops sometime errors  can happen.

Comments on Alexa by Twitter user

Alexa user response

Customization as it’s own advantage. What a great to start with this positive note from Alexa. “..Just stop for a second and smell the roses, or the fresh laundru, or motor oil or whatever it is that makes you feel OK about taking an extra moment to get from Point A to point B.”

People are excited to give this as present.

A sweet Birthday song is always welcomed.

You can still play around with Alexa and Grab your own Alexa enabled devices such as:

  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Dot
  • Amazon Echo
  • Echo Plus
  • Eufy Genie
  • Jabra Elite 65t
  • Harman Kardon Allure

Share your funny Alexa’s response in the comments section and let others enjoy.

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KIMBHO Messaging app by Patanjali

After launching Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards on May 27 with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and launched Patanjali is all ready to kaunch it’s messaging app ” KIMBHO” similar to WhatsApp.

Kimbho has been described by Patanjali as ” Kimbho empowers private group chat with free phone and video calling. It has dozens of amazing features to share text audio, photos, videos, stickers, quickies, location, GIF, Doodle and more”

Just like WhatsApp you can send direct messages, create groups and send messages.

Patanjali has launched it on Google play store and Twitter had a blast over it. Below are reactions:

Twitter user even declared that he might comeup with  Nuclear Weapon.

Even Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja shared the news and also had a light time sharing the fact that the model pic they were using in the app is from Pakistan.


One of the user also commented as Baba Ramdev might come up with desi version of Tinder as Sam***g

Guess it was a test launch and app has been removed from the playstore because of many gliches in it. The messaging app was severely criticized by a well-known French security researcher who goes by the pseudonym Elliot Alderson on Twitter; he called it a “security disaster”.

Patanjali’s spokesperson SK Tijarwala tweeted that it was just a test run and Kimbho got an encouraging response in its trial phase. “Patanjali had put Kimbho app for one day trial on Google Play store and in just 3 hours 1.5 lakh people downloaded it. We are grateful for this encouraging response. Technical work is in progress and #KIMBHO APP will be officially launched soon,” he wrote.


Facebook Dating App More about Real long term Relationships

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook Dating app, which shares some features with Tinder, aims to build ‘real long-term relationships – not just hookups’



Facebook dating App has been designed to compete with popular dating apps like Tinder.

Facebook has quoted that they aim at building long term relationship – not just hookups.

“We want Facebook to be somewhere where you can start meaningful relationships,” he continued. “We’ve designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning.”

How Facebook Dating App will work:

  • Facebook showed a user’s hypothetical dating profile, which he said would be separate from an individual’s regular profile, accessed in a different section of the site.
  • The dating feature would use only a first name and only be visible to those using the service, not an individual’s Facebook friends.
  • The feature would not show up in the news feed, he added.
  • Users of this feature could browse and “unlock” local events and message others planning to attend
  • If a potential date responded, the two would then connect via a text messaging feature that is not connected to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


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How to protect your child from Blue wale game challenge

Protect your kids from blue whale game. Government on Tuesday, 5th September 2017,  issued an advisory to parents, teachers, internet users and the general public to keep a watch on children’s activities.

Parents and teachers have been urged to observe children and check for any unusual changes such as moodiness, poor communication, lack of interest in studies and falling grades.

If found, the children playing the game should be stopped from using the internet and the police should be informed. Psychological counselling through government hospitals/NGOs should also be provided to the children, the advisory said.

Limited or the absence of interaction with family and friends, indications of running away or conversations about death, changes in eating and sleeping habits could indicate that the children are into the challenge, the advisory said.


Below are some links which can help you to protect your child from Blue whale challenge:


Helpline : – India
Visit AASRA or call their 24/7 helpline at +91-22-27546669 or +91-22-27546667. You can also email aasrahelpline@yahoo.com.

JIO launches JIO Phone, Free phone with Rs. 1500 deposit

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani today announced the JioPhone, a brand-new dirt-cheap feature phone that he said will deliver “digital independence” to all Indians. Here is a 5-point guide to Reliance Jio’s brand new feature phone.

“The Jio Phone would be available for an effective price Rs 0,” Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, RIL said. Customers would be required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,500 for three years, “for security reasons”, the company said.

Voice and data both will come free with an affordable monthly plan of Rs 153, Jio announced. “At a plan Rs 153 a month, it is only 3 per cent of the existing price putting an end to unaffordable data for all Indians forever,” Ambani said.

JIOPhone Highlights :

  • The JioPhone is free, but you must deposit Rs 1,500 (fully refundable after 3 years).
  • JioPhone users will get unlimited data at Rs 153 per month, entirely 4G, and all voice calls and SMS will be free.
  • Testing starts August 15, pre-booking for the phone starts August 24, will be available in September on first-come first-serve basis. Jio says it aims to make 5 million.
  • The JioPhone of course comes with Internet connectivity, follows voice commands, and recognises 22 Indian languages.
  • Access to Jio services like JioTV, JioMovies, and others will be included.
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Redmi 4 available at an attractive price, exclusively on Amazon India

Amazon India is all ready to start Redmi 4 sale on 23rd May at 12 pm onwards.

  • 2GB+16GB is available at Rs. 6,999
  • 3GB+32GB is available at Rs. 8,999
  • 4GB+64GB is available at Rs. 10,999(Not available for upcoming sale)

Buy at Amazon India 

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Zomato Hacked, 17 Million User Records Stolen

“Zomato on Thursday admitted to a major security breach, where around 17 million user records – out of the company’s 120 million users – were stolen from its database. According to the company, usernames and hashed passwords were stolen by the attackers – the fact that the passwords were encrypted means that they will be harder to access, but such troves of data do eventually get cracked, so a sensible move would be to change your Zomato password right away, and also to change it on any site where you use the same passwords. At the same time, we must also remind our users that using the same passwords across multiple sites is a really bad idea, so if you’re doing that anywhere, please change your passwords, and get a password manager.” —NDTV

In the meantime below was the response from Zomato’s CTO on Twitter:

Zomato twitter response

Below were the response from Twitter users:


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Where to find Maid, Helper, Doctor, online in India

Hire helper, cook, maid online in India
Hire helper, cook, maid online in India

Sometimes getting maid, helper or finding a doctor or car helpline are a hell of a task. Either we have a bad experience with the previous one or have no clue to find one. We have tried to list of websites from where you can hire someone for home services and also book appointments with doctors online.

List includes:

Bookmychotu: BookMyChotu.com can provide on demand helpers who can help you efficiently by providing soft services such as basic cleaning, help in shifting, pre or post house party help, help in religious get together, market help, grocery shopping from nearby stores, etc. As of now, this service is available in Delhi NCR.

Helper4u : Helper4u is portal where you can hire Aaya,cook/chef, driver, patient care, housekeeping staff, office boy, delivery staff, data entry staff, tele caller, security guard. They listed all cities on their website, but you will have to look at services offering in that city as all the services are not available in every city.

Bookmybai : Bookmybai can help you hire services for cleaning, cooking, babysitting and elderly care. Services are available in cities like Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata.

Practo: At Practo you can appointment, consult a doctor online, read about medicine, View medical records and read health articles. Practo is available in 5 countries namely India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil.

Lybrate: Lybrate can help you find doctors, consult with doctors online, book lab test. Services is available in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai to name among few.


Snapdeal to deliver Cash at your doorstep

As per report by NDTV”Snapdeal on Thursday announced that it will deliver Rs. 2,000 cash to users’ homes as part of its new Cash@Home facility. The way it the Cash@Home service works is simple – you need to install the Snapdeal app, and it uses your location data to check if there is cash available in your area. According to Snapdeal, if cash if available, you’ll get a push notification and an SMS notification, taking you to the order page.”

Snapdeal Cash@Home offer
Snapdeal Cash@Home offer

How to avail Snapdeal Cash @Home benefit?:

  • To use the Cash@Home facility, you have to pay a convenience fee of Rs. 1, either via FreeCharge or using your debit card.
  • The next day, a Snapdeal logistics executive arrives at your house with a POS machine, and you can swipe your card and get your cash.
  • There is a Rs. 2,000 per day limit on the booking, and you don’t have to order anything else
  • Snapdeal’s Cash@Home service is currently live in parts of Gurugram and Bengaluru, and only works through the app.

According to Snapdeal, the money is being distributed as a “goodwill gesture,” and comes from the money it receives as CoD. A cynic would point out that this also frees up the company from having to deposit the cash in its own bank account, as it uses customers to turn its cash into a digital form. And, since the offer is only extended to app users, based around push notifications, it also helps ensure that people install the app, and keep it on their phones. That being said, for customers who are strapped for cash because of long ATM queues, this offering is a pretty big boon to have available.

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Amazon Go, a complete new shopping experience

We are still caught in a phase that which is better shopping online or through stores?

But Amazon has come up with completely new shopping experience which combines both technology and convenience to create a completely new customer experience.

Amazon Go, hints at the future of modern retail. People can shop without cash and card and without standing in log queue.

In the words of Amazon”Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required. We created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. With our Just Walk Out Shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, and go! No lines, no checkout. (No, seriously.)”


All you need to experince this is Amazon account, a supported smartphone and a free Amazon go app.

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Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 sale offers

Flipkart is all ready for you with it’s Big billion day sale. Much awaited Big billion sale will start from 2nd October till 6th October 2016. Just be ready to fill your bags for the festive season.

Flipkart big billion day sale 2016
Flipkart big billion day sale 2016

Flipkart Big Billion day Sale – What’s in for you?

  1. Product exchange programme and low prices of large appliances such as televisions, washing machines and refrigerators
  2. Buy-Now-Pay-Later scheme : Flipkart is expected to unveil the scheme in the October Big Billion Day (BBD) sale and is said to be in talks with lenders to arrange pre-approved loans for consumers.
  3. No-cost EMI (equated monthly instalment) scheme
  4. Low prices and wide product range including exclusive partnerships with brands such as BPL Ltd and Vu Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  5. There are going to be smart TVs from leading brands at the prices at which the basic TVs were sold. 32-inch TVs will be sold at the price of 24-inch TVs
  6. Great deals on  brands such as BPL and LeEco
  7. Re 1  sale : Under the special offer, expensive products and accessories are sold in a flash sale at Re 1 for limited number of hours during a day.

As per Gadgets 360 ” The first day of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days will let you shop products in the category for fashion, home décor, televisions, and home appliances. Flipkart will sell mobiles and mobile accessories on the second day of the sale, while the third day will be for all other electronic items. Day 4 and 5 of Flipkart Big Billion Days 2016 will be for the complete range of products. Flipkart has also introduced ‘Your Wish, Our Offer’, where highly-wishlisted products will garner you more deals and discounts on them. It is worth mentioning that in a bid to reassure buyers after the blunders made in the 2014 edition of the sale, Flipkart claims this year’s sale will be glitch-free and more convenient for the customers.

Flipkart is also hosting an offer to win a Moto Deck Bluetooth speaker for the customers who upgrade the Flipkart app during the period from 12:00am September 23 to 11:59pm October 1, i.e. just before the Flipkart Big Billion Days 2016 begin. You can check the terms and conditions for the offer on Flipkart’s App Contest page. “

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Amazon Prime now in India

Amazon Prime is finally launched in India, so now you will be able to get free delivery for any order with no minimum order value.

How does Amazon Prime works?

You can secure one or two day deliveries for free. There will be 30-minute early access to new deals too.

All this will cost you Rs 499 per year. For now, there is a 60-day free trial period. This Rs 499 is a Rs 500 discount on list price of Rs 999 per year for the service. At an additional cost Prime users will get morning delivery in up to 20 cities. Not everything will be eligible for Prime, so you will need to look for the Prime logo against products.

Amazon Prime will be available to buyers in 100 cities, and it’s members in 20 cities can also choose same-day, morning or scheduled delivery at a discounted fee of Rs 50 per order on over 10,000 products. These deliveries typically cost Rs 150.

Watch the video to know more about Amazon Prime



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How to play Pokemon Go

Japan will be Pokemon Go’s first Asia release, its likely that others in the region such as India should see a release this week or the next. That hasn’t stopped eager Indian fans playing it though.

Before you dive in to Pokémon Go, you’ll want to get the hang of how the game works. That means knowing the world, its mechanics, and how to access your Pokédex, Items, and more.

To sign up for the game, you’ll need to use your Google account or sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Pokémon Go stores all your information on its servers, so you’ll need to use one of these two methods to link your Pokémon data to your device.

After signing up, you’ll want to customize your digital avatar. You can choose your gender, eye color, hair color, shirt, hat, pants, shoes, and the style of your backpack. Once you’ve done so, you’ll enter the main area of the game: The Pokémon Go map.

Essentially, the main area of the game is a brightly-animated version of Google Maps. You’ll see (unmarked) roads, rustling grass (marking Pokémon in the area), and local landmarks disguised as PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms. As you move in the real world, your avatar does too. Pokémon will pop up on the map with a small vibration as you walk along, and if you tap on them, you can try to capture them.

  • Player icon: Your player icon is at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap on this to view your character’s information, as well as a list of in-game achievements.
  • Backpack: This is where all the items you pick up on your journey are stored.
  • Pokédex: Your index of Pokémon, complete with information on all the species you’ve already caught.
  • Pokémon: Here, you can see all the Pokémon that are in your possession.
  • Nearby Pokémon: Tap on the bottom right corner of the screen to see which Pokémon are nearby.

Source : http://www.imore.com/

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Now you can earn loyalty points every time you shop online Via Nectar

Nectar is a loyalty card scheme in the United Kingdom, run by Aimia. The scheme is the largest in the United Kingdom, and comprises a number of partner companies including Sainsbury’s and BP.

The USP of the loyalty programme will be its ability to help shoppers search as well as compare products and prices, and buy from the leading e-commerce portals like FlipKart, Amazon, ShopClues, Jabong, Snapdeal. Nectar will act as a rewarding shopping assistant, with shoppers earning Nectar loyalty points or other rewards and special offers, every time they buy online. Adds Vikas Choudhury, managing director, Aimia India. “Every time you shop at your favourite online retailer via the Nectar website you can earn points or other great offers. It’s what we call Shopping pe Topping.” In his view, e-commerce in India has become a very horizontal marketplace – no longer are people buying the fridge and the shirt and the book and the toy from one brand.

Aimia and one of the co-founders of Nectar, U.K.’s largest loyalty program. His strong belief is that eventually all marketing will become data-driven marketing. He was in India to launch Aimia India’s e-commerce loyalty program in India, modeled on the online loyalty component of Nectar UK.

The website www.nectar.in is now live across India and customers will also get special offers from brands like McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, Yatra, FreeCharge, Jabong, FirstCry and Croma amongst several others.


Source : Brand Equity

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