Know how to reach club factory customer care

Have you faced any issue with your order or looking to get in touch with the Club Factory Customer care team but don’t know how?

Well, there is good news for you, for Indian customers Club Factory has issued hotline number. They do not have any region specific number so beware if you are getting into touch with anybody like that.

Club Factory Customer support number has been picked up from their website so you can cross check that.

The hotline service number for all over India is 01206230700, so you could reach to club factory at any time between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

They also provide 24 hours service in chat.

To protect you from fraud, do not trust any other Club Factory customer care numbers posted on other websites. Never share your complete card number, OTP, order details as well as other personal information to anyone.

There are number posted by fraudsters as helpline number where they might dupe you by asking your bank details.


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What is fastag and how to recharge and buy it online

FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it. It is affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle and enables you to drive through toll plazas, without stopping for cash transactions. The tag can be purchased from Tag issuers and if it is linked to the prepaid account, then you need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your requirement.

Benefits of using Fastag 

  • Cashless payment – FASTag users don’t need to carry cash for toll transactions, and don’t need to worry about collecting the exact change
  • Promotional cashback – All FASTag users get a monthly cashback of 10% of toll transactions till 31 March, 2017
  • Faster transit – Auto-debit of exact amount through the FASTag enables faster transit through the toll plazas and saves time
  • Online recharge – FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking
  • SMS alerts – Instant SMS alerts on registered mobile number for toll transactions, low balance, etc

Validity of Fastag

FASTag has unlimited validity. The same FASTag can be used till the tag is read by the reader and not tampered with. In case due to wear and tear the reading quality depreciates, please reach out to your Issuing Bank for a new tag.

Roads where Fastag can be used

FASTag is presently operational at 346+ toll plazas across National Highways. The system is inter-operable and the same FASTag can be used across all toll plazas under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. More toll plazas will be brought under the NETC program in the future. You may see the list of plazas in the ‘Active Toll Plazas’ section. Please visit the for more details.

How can I buy Fastag

You may visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations of the certified issuing banks (ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank and State Bank of India) at Toll Plazas or Banks’ sales offices to get your tag account created.

You will need to carry original as well as copy of your KYC documents at the POS / Sales office location. You will need to get your vehicle to the POS / Sale office location to purchase the FASTag.

A customer may call concerned bank’s Toll-free number written on the back side of the tag. Customer has to mention his or her user credentials (mobile number against which the tag has been registered, Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) etc.) On successful verification of use credentials, requisite information shall be provided.

Toll-free number of all banks are provided as below:

Sr. No. Issuer Bank Customer Care Helpline No
1 Axis Bank 1800-419-8585
2 ICICI Bank 1800-2100-104
3 IDFC Bank 1800-266-9970
4 State Bank of India 1800-11-0018
5 HDFC Bank 1800-120-1243
6 Karur Vysya Bank 1800-102-1916
7 Equitas Small Finance Bank 1800-419-1996
8 Paytm Payments Bank 1800-102-6480
9 Kotak Mahindra Bank 1800-419-6606
10 Syndicate Bank 1800-425-0585
11 Federal Bank 1800-266-9520
12 South Indian Bank 1800-425-1809
13 Punjab National Bank 080-67295310
14 Saraswat Bank 1800-266-9545
15 Fino Payments Bank 1860-266-3466
16 City Union Bank 1800-2587200
17 Bank of Baroda 1800-1034568
18 IndusInd Bank 1860-5005004
19 Yes Bank 1800-1200
20 Union Bank 800-222244
21 Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank 1800-266718
22 Airtel Payments Bank 400

The list of Customer care number of the banks can be availed from below:

ii. My FASTag App
iii. NHAI Helpline number 1033

b. For NHAI FASTag (i.e. bank neutral FASTag)
A customer may call 1033 Helpline number for any assistance.

How can I recharge my Account

Issuing Banks will give the facility for recharging your tag linked account through various channels such as payment through cheque or through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or through Net Banking. Please check the Issuer Bank website for more details.

How to Block Fastag if Vehicle is lost

You can call your Issuing Bank customer care and block your FASTag account.

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Paytm users beware of scam messages and emails

Online payment wallets have always been the target of scammers and fraudsters.

Paytm wallet has one of the highest users bases in India is also not spared from this. Paytm is available in 11 Indian languages and offers services like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, travel, movies, and events bookings as well as in-store payments at grocery stores, etc. with the Paytm QR code.

But recently as the number of users has increased so scammers are finding ways and means to dupe the users. Due to an increase in complaints of Paytm, it’s founder has released an official announcement regarding the same. Recent Paytm KYC fraud from scammers have targeted many users.

Scamsters are asking the targeted customer to download a mobile or desktop application to facilitate the KYC process. These applications include among others Anydesk, Quicksupport and TeamViewer.

Once these fraudsters get hold of the pin generated by these applications they get remote access to the victim’s device where subsequently in a series of two to four transactions, the fraudster siphons off funds from the victim’s bank account linked with the mobile wallet.


After receiving many complaints with Cyber cell and RBI, Paytm has issued an official statement regarding the ongoing scam :

” We would like to inform all our customers that Paytm’s KYC procedure does not get done via remote desktops apps. Also, Paytm does not call customers to get their KYC done via phone, nor does the customer need to install any new app for KYC,” Gupta said.”

And for those users who have received any message or call with respect to the payment wallet, if you feel they are suspicious kindly report the same to the nearest Cyber cell.

This type of scam is one of it’s the type and scammers will always find new ways to dupe the users.

How to check and file e-challan online

Caught in the traffic and don’t know to check and pay your challan? You will receive the challan notice on your e-mail and mobile number. Challan should be paid within 60 days of the issue of notice.

You can pay Challan by visiting the traffic police’s office or online via online challan payment portals.

Follow these steps to pay your e- challan online

Continue reading “How to check and file e-challan online”

Importance of return and refund policy for Online Shoppers

One of the most ignored thing by customers while shopping online is Return and refund policy. We complain regarding the return not being accepted by the online shopping platforms. Most of our time is spent on online shopping sites browsing the products or checking payment or delivery options. But we hardly take out time to go through the return and refund policy.

Ignoring return and refund policy can be one of the biggest mistakes. There is no standard return policy followed by all websites. The website might have the same or different products which can be returned or can not be returned within the stipulated time.

According to a survey, 27% of consumers are put off ordering something online in the first place because they do not want the hassle of returning it if it is not right.

Check out the list of things buyers should always check before making any purchase on any online shopping website.

All the information you have is the product description written on the product page. On the basis of trust, shoppers shop online. In physical stores, you can ask the shopkeeper whether this product can be returned or not but on online shopping websites, you need to check the list provided by the seller on the return page.

It is even recommended that you should not shop from websites which do not have a return policy or if the policy sounds doubtful as they might have intentions to cheat the customers.

Rest in peace CCD founder VG Siddhartha

#VGSiddhartha Rest in peace, you have created such an iconic brand. You will be remembered in every coffee we sip and every story/relationship which was created in the cafe.

You have created a brand which is not just a cup of coffee but an emotion.


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How to know review and rating are fake or real on online shopping site

While making online purchase reviews and rating play a very important role. But the thing is, not every review or rating is genuine or real. But it is true that Reviews and rating influence your decision-making process.

We tend to check reviews not only for brands which are not known to us as we do not know how it will come out once we receive the delivery but also for brands with which we are familiar, to know if it is genuine, it is as per your requirement or not, it is for the purpose for which you are buying, etc.. It is proved that online rating and reviews are checked by people as they consider them as personal recommendation from buyers.

Reviews on online shopping websites or marketplace product page can be described in two parts:

  • Reviews about the online shopping platform
  • Review about the product

For e.g someone ordered a mixer grinder from any online shopping website and when it was received, it was broken. So there could be review regarding the seller that broken product was delivered or it could have been broken during shipping and delivery or like reviews regarding the brand that it not worth the price. So you should understand what response you are trying to find out from the review. Below is review of Juicer on a leading online shopping marketplace:


There are fake reviews and rating also on these online shopping websites, so who writes them:

  • Robots or AI are doing these jobs on behalf of sellers
  • Freelancer writes reviews on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc… for sellers or brands
  • Fake reviews exist on social media or blogs/forum like, Twitter, Facebook

So, to crack the code, how to clear the clutter and read real reviews and use them in your decision-making process.

How to spot fake reviews on Online shopping websites:

  • Trust your instinct, this is the most important thing. Is the review sound too good/ bad to be true.
  • Watch out for generic names and/or photo-less profiles.
  • Look for verified purchases, use sort by the option, also look for reviews with images.

  • Look for phrase repetition. “Look through several reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews.
  • If in doubt, most of the online shopping marketplace have an option where you can reach out to the reviewer.

But don’t worry as you are not alone who is fighting to stop these fake reviews. This unethical bad review technique can be devastating for a business, especially on Amazon. The website is dealing with a serious counterfeit problem, so it has a few automated systems in place to protect buyers from fraud. If a product gets a lot of bad reviews in a short period, then the person who’s selling that product will get suspended from Amazon.

Also know how  to avoid fake reviews online while shopping online


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How to access the dark web

Have you ever thought of accessing the websites or communicating with friends online without being spied by the search engine, websites or cookies? Then Dark web can help you.

But the question is what is dark web, can we access them safely, are dark web available in the regional language, are dark web available on mobile, how can we access them?

So to answer to your anxiety technical definition of the Dark web as per Wikipedia is ” The dark web is the WWW content that exists on darknets, overlay networks. It uses the Internet but requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the Web not indexed by web search engines, although sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web”.

So it means the websites on the dark web are not read by the search engine ( like Google, Bing etc.) and you need special software, configuration and authorization to use them.

The dark web has a collection of websites that exist on the encripted network that can not be accessed by traditional search engines or browser.

You must have heard stories about dark web and reportedly they are markets selling drugs and other substances, grisly images, and even new identities for sale. So you need a great amount of caution before getting into any trouble.

How to access the dark web?

But yes not everything is like that. There are platforms which are there just to protect your privacy. Below are some such platforms, let’s know them in detail:

Tor: Tor protects a user’s privacy, but does not hide the fact that someone is using Tor. Some websites restrict allowances through Tor. Tor enables its users to surf the Internet, chat and send instant messages anonymously and is used by a wide variety of people for both licit and illicit purposes. You can download the TOR browser by clicking on the link. Tor Browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can’t follow you. Any cookies automatically clear when you’re done browsing. If you want to hide the fact from the Internet service provider that you are using TOR then you need to install VPN. VPN will hide that you are using TOR so only and VPN service provider can see that you are using TOR. Below are the steps to download VPN :

    1. Sign up for and install a VPN.
    2. Select a server location and connect to the VPN. Wait for the connection to be established.
    3. Open the Tor Browser
    4. Surf the dark web

Duck Duck Go: DuckDuckGo is a private search engine which doesn’t track your history, location or any other data, unlike any popular search engine like Google or Bing. Other popular search engine capture your data and show search results depending upon user but DuckDuckGo shows all users the same search results for a given search term.

FreeNet: It is a free software for communicating freely on the internet. To access Freenet, you first need to install the main application. Freenet will run in the background and you can use your browser to change settings and access content. There are other applications that you can install at a later time to add more functionality.Click here to download FreeNet.

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Must visit websites for Senior citizen in India

Senior citizen or older people requirement of internet or online websites is more than any one else. We have curated list of websites which can help them access information related to health care, travel benefits, government scheme websites, financial incentives websites, elder care websites, old age homes, helplines, temples and pilgrimage websites, pet care and other informational websites.

How to save yourself from online payment frauds

Online frauds have become a nightmare and is stopping people/users from using online mode of payment either for transferring funds or shopping online. There are bunch of fraudsters who are trapping people in their nets and looting them.

But still making online transaction has become a necessity today either for money transfer or doing some kind of transaction online. Making online payment has become a necessary evil and matter or convenience in our day to day life from booking hotels, buying products online, transferring payment, buying groceries etc..

Here are some tips which can help you from saving yourself and your near and dear ones from online frauds.

  • Never share your OTP with anyone. You might receive call from fraudsters to share your OTP or One Time Password. If someone gets hold of your Netbanking UserID and password, OTP is the only way through which your can protect yourself from online frauds.
  • While shopping Online, look for the website credentials i.e. are they really here to do business or trying to loot people money. Check for the review and rating before making purchase from any unknown website or if you are purchasing 1st time from any website.
  • When you make any online transaction, most of the website will ask you to save your details. Try to avoid that and untick that option saving your bank/card details can might lead to online frauds by anyone who has access to the data.
  • Lots of doubts in mind so it is better to be safe than sorry. So when all payment options are available to you can use below on the basis of availability:
    • Cash on delivery
    • UPI ( For e.g. Paytm, Google Tez etc..)
    • Payment wallet ( Freecharge, Mobikwik, Chillr etc..)
    • NetBanking
    • Debit Card/Credit card


Still cannot find what you were looking for post your queries in the comments section we will get back to you.


Medical Apps for patients in India

Healthcare Apps can be helpful in various healthcare needs like searching a doctor, buying medicine, reading healthcare content etc.. Below are some healthcare apps which can help you.

Healthcare Apps in India

  1. 1mg : 1mg can help you buy medicines online, Book appointment with doctor, currently they cater prescription medicine orders in Delhi – NCR, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabzxcad and all major cities in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Non-prescription / Health products are delivered Pan India.
  2. NetMeds : You can Order prescription/OTC medicines online through NetMeds . Cash on Delivery is available. FREE Delivery on orders of Rs.1000. They have Pan India Delivery with coverage of over 19,000 PIN codes.
  3. Portea : Portea works with leading hospitals, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers and others healthcare professionals. Services that they have listed on their websites are Physiotherapy, Nursing, Lab test, doctor consultation, Medical equipment, Trained attendants, New born baby and mother care, Vaccination, Nutrition and diet consultation, elder care, Pharmacy, and gestational diabetes management.
  4. Lybrate : Lybrate can help you book appointment with doctors, consultation and book lab test online theorugh their App and website. They claim they have around 1,00,000 verified doctors on their list.
  5. Practo : Practo let us book an appointment with doctors, consult with doctors online, book lab test, order medicine and view medical records. They claim the have 1,00,000 verified doctors,
  6. Credihealth : Credihealth is a medical assistance company that gives guidance to a patient from the first consultation through the entire hospitalization process. A team of Credi health doctors helps the patient find the right doctor book appointment, request cost estimate for the procedure and amange admission and discharge process.

List of Men online shopping sites in India

Most of the online shopping websites are focused on women which leaves very limited options for Men. Websites like Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Koovs, Abof, Ajio are popular among men. But there are some exclusive website for Men who sell only Men only apparel and accessories.

List of Men online shopping websites are:

Nobello - Men online shopping website
Nobello – Men online shopping website

Zobello is a Canadian brand which was initiated with a thought of making online fashion shopping for men a more engaging and interactive experience. Website offers Topwear, Bottomwear, swimwear, sportswear, accessories, shoes, bags,  Innerwear and cute baby wear. You can avail free shipping above Rs.999. Payment options include Debit/Credit card, netbanking, cash on delivery.

Bombay Shirt Company - Men online shopping website
Bombay Shirt Company – Men online shopping website

Launched in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company is the first online custom shirt brand in India.  Website offer ready-made shirts and customized shirt. You can get the custom shirt, you can select a fabric from the available option and submit your design preference. They promise to deliver worldwide in just 14 days.  They also have a premium shirt collection, you can have a look in case you are looking for custom shirts from some special occasions. You can choose to pay either through our secure net banking facility by Credit or Debit Card or PAYTM wallet. For international customer, they can choose PayPal as well.

Basiclife - Men online shopping website
Basiclife – Men online shopping website

Basiclife offers belts, blazers, briefs, caps, cargo pants, hawai chappal, jacket, jeans, knit shorts, Muscle tee, shirts, shoes, shorts, socks, sunglasses, sweatshirts, T-shirt, Track pant, trousers, and bags. Basics Life offers multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Card & Debit Card (including American Express), Net Banking, Gift Voucher and Cash on Delivery.

Brown Boy

Brown Boy is inspired by European high-street fashion and contemporary clothing. They design and produce all their products. Collection includes T-shirt, Sweatshirt and tank tops


Creyate helps you to design your own Shirts, Jeans, Chinos, Suits, jackets and trousers. Apart from custom made apparel they also have a collection of ready-made garments.

99 T-shirts

99 T-Shirt company allows you to customize your own t-shirt. So you can custom design your T-shirt by adding text and image.

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers stop is one of the preferred offline retail stores for most of the male. Good news is they also offer you online and the best part is since physical stores are there in all the cities, so even men from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities can shop from their amazing collection. They offer a complete line for men from watch to footwear to Apparel to accessories. It can be a one-stop shop for all your requirement.


Myntra is gaining popularity among male online buyers, especially in the Apparel category. You can shop for Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, personal care and grooming care products.

Lacquer Embassy

The website contains one of the finest collection of Apparel and accessories. Must visit the site for those who are looking for some authentic and classy collection.

Happily Unmarried

Happily unmarried is popular especially among bachelors for their amazing bar collection and funky t-shirt and mobile accessories. A must-have for those who want to add humor to things around them. Plus it will also suggest you amazing gifting ideas or your friends.

The Stiff Collar

The stiff collection offers ethnic designs with inlays using traditional hand-prints. If you love cotton shirts then this is one of the must-visit websites.


Elitify offers premium lifestyle products. So you can choose from a brand like Ralph Lauren, Armani, Aeropostale, Hugo Boss to name among the few. You can shop for Apparel, Grooming products, Activewear etc..


This is one of the most popular websites and stores in North India among groom to be and his relatives. You can get one of the finest collection of bridal wear and accessories. This can be a one-stop destination for groom collection, not only for the groom but also for the friends.

Spykar - Men online shopping website
Spykar – Men online shopping website

Spykar a renowned brand among youth offers Jeans, shirt, t-shirt, trousers, accessories(wallet, belts, bags). Payment mode includes cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, net banking.

Cotton county - Men online shopping website
Cotton county – Men online shopping website

Cotton County is a brand that celebrates the natural appeal of Cotton. Website today offers a wide range of products across summer wear (formal, casual shirts, T-shirts, cotton trousers and denim) and winter-wear (sweaters, jackets, coats, suits, sweat-shirt). Available payment modes are cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, netbanking. Cash on delivery is available for orders above Rs. 999/-.

Turtle - Men online shopping website
Turtle – Men online shopping website

Turtle thorough it’s online store is offering a shirt, trouser, t-shirt, Denim, accessories, outerwear(blazer, suits, and waistcoat).

8 websites to buy toys online in India

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids.  Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others.

We have curated the list of websites from where you can buy toys for your kids online.

List of websites to buy toys online in India:


Amazon has wide range of option for all age group and and in all price range. Their toys options include action figure toys, art and craft, baby and toddler toys, dolls and accessories, puzzles, radio and remote controlled toys, soft toys, sports and outdoor play toys, tricycle scooters and ride-ons, bulding and constructions, learning and educational toys to name among few. you can select the price range, the age group and purpose for which you are interested in buying toys. Don’t forget to check your delivery pincode and delivery charges before placing the order.

First Cry

first cry - toys online in India
first cry – toys online in India presents learning toys and games, family games, board games, pretend play toys and sets, action figures, robotic toys, simple soft toys, musical soft toys, die cast toys and collectibles. With character toys and characters like – Spiderman, Minions, Superman, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Disney Princesses etc. One can chose from brands like – HamleysMitashiFisher Price, Mee Mee, Funskool, Fab N Funky, Hot Wheels, Simba, Skillofun, Barbie & lot more.

There are no COD and delivery charges below above Rs. 499 and order below that have Rs. 25 as COD charges and Rs. 50 as delivery charges.


Flipkart is among top 2 e-commerce giants in India. They offer more than 30 categories of toys which includes remote control toys, educational& learning toys, soft toys, puzzles, art & craft toys to name among few. They have toys from brands like Infinity, Funskool, Fisher-Price and Adraxx. Orders less than Rs.500 can incur delivery changes and above that there are no delivery charges. They have toys for almost all age group.


Snapdeal offers battery ride-ons, Skate scooters, prams, baby walkers, outdoor toys, sides & swings, tricycle to name among few. They have toys from brands like Fisher price, Barbie, Funskool, Me-Me, Hamleys, LEGO, BSA, Disney.


Shopclues offers top brands like Funskool, Morisons Baby dream, crocs, 612 League and Nautinati. Kids toys are starting from Rs. 10, but don’t forget to check the delivery charges as sometimes they can be higher than the original product cost.


In Toycart ou can find vehicles & remote control toys, electronics, dolls, art & craft, puzzles, return gifts, musical toys, partywear items etc.. They offer free shipping for orders above Rs. 599.  Toycart offers 24 hours return policy.



HappyKidz - Toys online
HappyKidz – Toys online

On HappyKidz website you can find Art & craft, game, puzzles and return gifts. They offer their own brand on the website. Payment mode include Netbanking, credit/debit card. 7 days return policy.


Toychamps offers collectibles, creative & educational toys, early years, games, indoor play, model kits, outdoor play, play stuff, puzzles, remote control to name among few. For shipping within India, shipping charges are calculated at the time of your order and the order / payment can be made accordingly. Payment method include credit card, debit card, Paypal.



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7 websites to get dresses on rent online in India

Why to buy those expensive designer wedding and party dresses when you can get them at reasonable price on rent? Below is the list of websites from where both men and women can rent an outfit in their city at a very reasonable price.

7 websites to get dresses on rent:

Liberent - Dresses on rent online in India
Liberent – Dresses on rent online in India

Liberent is women only rent website, where they can rent dress for various occasions as per their requirement. They also offer you option to choose a backup dress in case their is some problem with the custom fit. They will deliver both and you can take one.You will just have to pay the rent for the higher priced one of the two. Free delivery and pickup is available.

Flyrobe- Dresses on rent online in India
Flyrobe- Dresses on rent online in India

Flyrobe has collection for both Men and Women and they are also present through their physical store in selected cities. They have top most designers like Ritu Kumar, Divya Reddy etc. among their list. Flyrobe offers you option to rent dress for 4,6 and 8 dress. You need to deposit security deposit to rent a dress, which is 20% of MRP on ethnic wear which is fully refundable once the outfit has been returned to them & it passes the quality check.

Rentacloset- Dresses on rent online in India
Rentacloset- Dresses on rent online in India

Rentacloset is a women only website where you can get option to choose not only dress for various occasion but also matching accessories with that. Designers on their list include Anju Modi, Rohit Bal, Nidhi Marya, Aarna to name among few. They have option of 4 & 8 days rental. Refundable security is applicable on all types of dresses.

Stage3- Dresses on rent online in India
Stage3- Dresses on rent online in India

Stage3 is women centric rent out website. They have dresses for almost all occasions for which girls need special outfit. Stage3 also offers free personal styling, for that you need to book an appointment. Website has option for 3 and 6 days rental. Security deposit is also there which is refunded within 24 hours of pick up of dress.  Custom fit option is also available.

Swishlist- Dresses on rent online in India
Swishlist- Dresses on rent online in India

Dresses for women are available for every ocassion.  Custom fit option is not available since it is not mentioned on the website, so you need to select from the available fit and sizes. Security deposit is not mentioned, so guess they are not charging it. Dress will be delivered 2 days before the day you want to wear it.

Zivaza- Dresses on rent online in India
Zivaza- Dresses on rent online in India

Zivaza has option for both Men and women. They offer complete package including dresses, accessories and footwear. Unlike other websites they offer you to rent out by Brands.

Rentitbae- Dresses on rent online in India
Rentitbae- Dresses on rent online in India

RentItBae is a women centric website where alongwith dresses, for various ocassion, they can also rent bags, watches, sunglasses and jewellery.  Dresses are available on rent for 4 days with security deposit. Custom fit option is not available.


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Cash on delivery websites in India for clothing

Cash on Delivery or CoD has gained buzz among the online shopping community. As the shopper does need a credit card or a debit card to make a purchase so they avoid any risk of online payment frauds.

With COD you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment.

Online Shopping websites have different norms for cash on delivery option. Some websites do not allow cash not delivery option, some have defined the shopping amount and others have defined the location in which Cash on delivery option will be available or not available.

We have created Cash on delivery options available on the online shopping website and terms and conditions related to that. We have tried to simplify the cash on delivery terms and condition for the laymen. Some of the online shopping websites have mentioned these clearly on their website some have not.

Below are some of the online shopping clothing websites offering cash on delivery option for clothes for Men and Women. 

List of websites offering Cash on delivery on clothes:

  • Flipkart: Flipkart offers clothing options for men, women, and kids. The maximum clothing order value for a Cash on Delivery (C-o-D) payment is ₹50,000. Gift Cards or store credit cannot be used for C-o-D orders. Foreign currency also cannot be used to make a C-o-D payment. Only Indian Rupee is accepted.
  • Amazon: Amazon offers clothes for men, women, kids, and baby. Cash on Delivery for clothing on Amazon cannot be used in conjunction with the gift card balance as a payment mode. If you deselect gift card balance as a payment mode, Cash On Delivery may become available as a payment mode, provided the item and pin code are eligible. Cash on Delivery will not be available if your order value exceeds Rs. 50,000.
  • Myntra: Myntra offers apparel for men, women, and kids. Cash on Delivery option allows you to pay clothing order value at the time of delivery for all orders between Rs. 299 and Rs. 20000.
  • Jabong: Jabong offers clothes for men, women, and kids. Cash On Delivery option is available on purchases up to a limit of Rs. 10,000, beyond which purchases can only be made using Netbanking or Creditcard.
  • Fashionandyou: Fashionandyou offers clothes for men and women. on every Cash, on Delivery (COD) order you will be charged a non-refundable convenience charge of INR 99. 
  • ShoppersStop: Shoppersstop offers apparel for men , women and kids. After adding the product to cart CoD option is available for orders of value between Rs. 500 and Rs.10,000. Gift vouchers, DD, cheques, store credit notes cannot be used for CoD orders.
  • Home Shop 18: Homeshop18 offers clothes for men, women and kids. They do have Cash on delivery option, just check by entering your pin code if it is available in your location as they are making chnages in the pin codes. 
  • Cliq: Cliq from TATA offers clothes for men, women, and kids. They do have Cash on delivery option for clothes, just check by entering your pin code if it is available in your location.
  • Snapdeal: Snapdeal offers clothes for men, women, and kids. The COD on your order is only available for selective deals, there is an additional cost involved in shipping the item through COD, they will charge a flat Rs. 50 per order.
  • Limeroad: Limeroad is offering clothes for Men and women. The maximum order value for a COD payment is Rs. 25,000. You will have to pay the money to the delivery boy before you can open the package. Limeroad does not accept foreign currency as payment against a COD order.

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