How to collect and Redeem Myntra Insider points

Myntra always tries to woo its customer by offering special offers and discounts to its customers. Myntra had launched Myntra Insider as a loyalty program for its registered customer. To avail of these registered users will have to opt for it and they will not be automatically converted to this.

Myntra Insider benefit section has a curated list of offers on restaurants, travel, entertainment, and other lifestyle areas for you. You can earn up to 10,000 points by shopping on App and website and also up to 250 points by engaging in activities mentioned by Myntra.

Is Myntra Insider Chargeable?

No, Myntra does not charge anything for it, you simply need to visit Myntra and join the program.

Benefits of being a Myntra Insider

  • You can earn points for every purchase made on the Myntra website or App
  • You get early access to Myntra Sale
  • Insider points can be redeemed for benefits offered by Myntra in Dining, Hospitality, Travel, and many more
  • Being a Myntra Insider you can chat with MystyleSquad and create your look

How does this work?

  • You get 1 point for every Rs. 10 spend on the Myntra website or App
  • Only shopping made after availing of the program is applicable, you can not claim the points for the purchase made before joining the Insider program
  • You can also earn by doing activity mentioned in the Myntra insider

The validity of Myntra Insider points

Insider points are valid for 12 months from the days they have been made available to you.

Myntra Insider points can not be used as payment method, you can only use them for the benefits offered by Myntra Insider benefit section.



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