Is it safe to accept orders from Online Shopping companies during COVID-19

As India has moved to lock down 4.0 and the Government is taking measure to help companies run their business by opening shops under different guideline. So we as a consumer have a choice as almost all e-commerce companies have started their service for essential as well as non-essential item across India.

Now the question is, shopping online for essential and non-essential item seems more safe and secure as compared to going to a nearby store as less touchpoints are there. It seems safe as we are buying the product without touching it and making the payment online so even that is also safe as swipe machine has not been touched by many people or the cash has not gone to many hands.

So let’s find out how safe is online shopping in India? As per WHO ( World Health Organization) “the risk of catching the virus that causes Covid-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low”.

The CDC states that if a surface is “visibly dirty”, it would be “best practise” to clean it and then disinfect as a means of preventing both the coronavirus and the spread of “other viral respiratory illnesses”.

If you are concerned about contaminated or unclean surfaces, you could open your delivery packages outside, in the event that the weather holds up.

You should then dispose of the packaging as quickly as possible.



Amazon India Lockdown 4.0 updates

FAQs about Amazon Orders and Deliveries after lockdown 4.0

As per the latest government guidelines, Amazon has started accepting orders for all products across the country and for essential products in Containment Areas

1. Are you delivering non-essential products?

Amazon welcomes the latest notification from Government of India as it enables e-commerce to deliver a wider selection of products while upholding the tenets of safety and social distancing.

As per the latest government guidelines, we have started accepting orders for all products across the country and for essential products in Containment Areas.

2. Can I now place orders using Cash/Pay on Delivery?

Amazon is now accepting Cash/Pay on Delivery in most locations where we are delivering all products. If your location is eligible for Pay on Delivery, you will see the option on the payment page while placing your order. In locations where we are delivering only essential products, they will continue to accept pre-paid orders only.

3. I have already placed an order, but it is showing a long delivery date?

Amazon has geared up operations to start delivering all products across the country in all zones following the Central and respective State Government guidelines. Hence, deliveries may take longer than usual.

4. What about my pending non-essential prepaid order? When will I receive it?

As per the latest government guidelines, Amazon had started processing existing orders for all products across the country, except Containment Areas. You will be notified via email and on App once orders are processed.

5. Can I still create returns for my orders?

Yes, you can create returns by visiting Your Orders. However, the returns pick up timeline may be longer than usual.

6. When will you pick-up my return order?

We are prioritizing our fulfillment and operations to deliver products which our customers would need as they continue to stay at home. We will notify you on when we can schedule the return-pick. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

7. Is it safe to receive orders?

For guidance on COVID-19, please refer to article about Is it safe to receive orders from online shopping companies during COVID -19 Outbreak.

8. What is Amazon doing to keep customers and employees safe?

Check Amazon COVID 19 update as how they are keeping safe and their employees.

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